Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My I hate "video"

Maybe you've seen them these "I hate" videos I speak of, I guess they are kind of a new fad.  My future husband, Daniel Tosh, featured one of these vidoes on his show.  I felt equally compelled to make one for myself. 

Unfortunately, my plan was foiled by the lack of a webcam, but I figured a list of things I hate would work just fine.

I Hate Video
Web Redemption2 Girls, 1 Cup ReactionDemi Moore Picture

I hate when I'm driving and I sneeze, I really do see my life flash before my eyes.

I hate when people call me m'am.  I'm 24, my claddagh is not flipped, that's miss to you young man.

I hate when people e-mail me requesting something I've already sent them.  Learn how to read a-hole. 

I hate when people use their facebook status messages/AIM away messages etc to tell me what their every next move for the next 12-24 hours will be: "Getting out of bed, eating breakfast, going for a quick run, shower, work for awhile, dinner with my loves xoxoxox, then out for the night!!!" If you forget what the plan is after your shower, do you just look back at your status message?

I hate when people fart at the gym.

I hate when people think their car is better than my 2001 Chevy Cavalier. Automatic windows and locks are

I hate the barenaked ladies.

I hate when I'm at the bar after a day at the beach and people look at my sunburn and say things like "that really looks like it hurts", "that doesn't look very good", or "I like your tan lines". It's an Irish tan and was intential, deal with it.
I hate PT Cruisers.

I hate that people judge me because I'm on twitter. I like to stay connected (@popprincess301, der).

I hate parking far away from my apartment and then seeing a space front and center as I approach my place.

I hate the confused look people give my when I talk about my iphone (note: my iphone is a blackberry).

I hate when I'm at a bar and a group of obnoxious people (likely dressed up for some form of wedding sendoff, birthday, going away party etc) think they are the life of the party.  I'm here with my friends.  We are better looking and we are the life of the party.

I hate people who don't like fun.

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