Thursday, February 18, 2010

love love love the script

that's right, love love love!

The Script - Breakeven

The Script - Breakeven (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: The_Script

They're on tour with David Cook and I think they're great. Other good songs are Before the Worst

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Year Without Cheese - Episode 2

The Year Without Cheese - Episode 2 (The Month Without Swearing) has been an epic fail thus far.

In the first hour of the first day, I dropped three F-bombs.


I attempted to keep a tally of these swears and decided I would donate $0.25 for every swear to a charity to be determined.

This was far more difficult than I anticipated. 

First off, sure it was easy to keep track when I was swearing in the comfort of my desk with my sticky notepad of tally marks slowly but surely adding up.  I was even quoted saying...

"But I talk A LOT so eight swears in one day is really not THAT many..."
*seriously relative to the number of words I speak...this is just fact, plain and simple.

However, I ran into one issue that broke down into a few layers: the weekend.

The layers are as follows
1) My drinking habits
2) My affinity for playing sports with old ladies

As far as #1 goes, it's fairly obvious.  I like the sauce.  And as I drink more, I get more animated and excited in conversation and to prove a point or make a story have more umph there's gotta be a bit of profanity.  And keeping track is out the window after bud light #4.

As far as my affinity for playing in adult sporting leagues goes...the issue doesn't lie in the keeping track...but rather in the sheer number of profane words that come out of my mouth.  Playing soccer with old ladies obviously calls for a few teammates to have lost their touch.

 This past Sunday was a doozy.  In our indoor league we play two, 24 minute halves.  I let in 7 goals in the 1st half.  8 goals overall.  You bet your tuckus that I threw out a swear every single time the ball rolled past me into the goal...and a few other choice times when there were some close calls.

So I'm doing my best, right? Wrong.  I gave up cheese for cripes sake!  Maybe I can buckle down, but to be perfectly honest, February might be a wash.  I'm not made of money, and this isn't the month where I give up the I might have already lost track. 

If you have any ideas of something drastic I can give up for the end of the month, or tips to get my act together..please let me know.

Comments are encouraged. 

What ever happened to...


She had hits like Perfect Day, featured in Legally Blonde, How Do I Feel and of course Another Dumb Blonde.

Editor's note: per wikipedia & myspace page she released a few online singles with a new R&B type sound that can be found on her myspace page  She was supposed to realease a new song in update as of yet...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Fav. Beat

T.I.  & John Legend...Slide Show

Whatever Happened to...(City High Follow up)

Me: HAHAH what???
Fox: the main guy was on his very own episode of intervention

Yup that's right.  Robbie Pardlo had his very own episode of intervention just a few weeks back (Jan. 25), thanks Fox for the tip.

Apparently the chick bandmate dumped Robbie for the other kid in the band (Ryan Toby).


Comment From Fox: you know your life sucks when even though i have 3 of your songs on my ipod and youve been on intervention, no one gives a shit enough about you to start a wikipedia page

Agreed, you heard Ryan Toby sing Oh Happy Day in sister act...I mean you'd prob dump this dude too.

until next time,

Popprincess (of course another shout out to f-o-x for this one)

What's with the Puppy? And the Baby?

Okay guys (and by guys, I mean you dudes), what's the deal?

As usual I've been trolling the internet and I've seen a ridiculous number of a new type of profile pic.

It's not the standard, passed out or doing a kegstand, or  even playing a game of beirut pic.  You guys have moved on from showing us ladies that you're a "good time". 

I've yet to come up with an appopriate name for this new type of pic but for now I'll go with:


So what gives? Is this really what you're getting at? My mini-feed is on overload with former college classmates looking lovingly at small children.  At first glance I think "OMG, he's got a bastard child"...and soon come to realize it is their neice/nephew/cousin and so on and so forth...

With the baby you show you care about your family, and maybe want kids someday.

With the puppy you are displaying you can not only care for yourself, but also another living breathing, mammal that needs to be fed and walked and loved. 

 But really, is this he message you are trying to send the ladies, honestly?  That's fine, but I see right through it.  You are only trying to appear as if you are caring and responsible...because clearly you are only able to display this via the internet, and not in person.

From what I have heard...the trend is the same with you guys on dating sites throughout the interweb.    

If I posted a pic of me and my cat (RIP Tizzy) you would call it the:

Or if I had a baby cousin/neice etc. it would be the:


So I say no to this double standard.  It's just unfair.  You put up these pics to prove you are responsible and caring, but if we did the same itt would make us baby-crazy cat ladies all in the same breath.

I'm not saying don't be proud of your pup or your nephew.  But ease up with the default pic.  It just rubs it in that I can't embrace my inner cat lady without being judged.

xoxo Popprincess

p.s. RIP Tizzy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whatever Happened to...?

I'm starting a new series, much like the Why am I Single?, Overheard at the Office, and The Year Without Cheese.

This new series of blogs will be whatever happened to... that focuses on things, people, music, pasttimes that seemed to have disapeared. 

We'll start out with Whatever Happened to....

City High?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Year Without Cheese - Month 1 Complete

I had nay-sayers.  I had days where cheese was all up in my face (or literally slapping me in the face).  But I did it.  I went a full month without cheese.  

Thank you everyone who gave me a pat on the back for doing it

note: I use that term loosely, by pat on the back I mean commented on my facebook status that was 'cheeeesee', but thanks nonetheless. 

I have to say, last night, the first night I could enjoy it again...I was sorely disapointed.  My pizza was super undercooked.  My mozarella sticks were able to save Alfredo's some face so I didn't hop on and really eff them up.  As you all know, my words are powerful. 

But tonight we went out for AC's bday and we ordered every single appetizer avec fromage (with cheese for those of you that are challenged en fran├žais).

And they were all amazing. 

The best was definitley the smoked gouda fondue.  Yup ya heard right, that's righ cheese fondue with smoked bacon.  Yer damn skippy. 

More to come tomorrow in 'The Year Without Cheese'.

Month 2: February: The Month Without Swearing


F*&#, S*%$, B@*#$.

C#*k, B#!!$.

I'm just trying to make a point, Frank. You don't have to celebrate it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My good friend fox and I were discussing TV shows, and Fox said something to the affect of: "Dudes like 24, but has any girl in the history of the world liked that show?". 

I agreed, I didn't thank any girls had.

However, Mama Popprincess (Mo) threw out her back last week and is fully out of commission.  Moose set her up with a TV, DVD player and season 1 of both LOST and 24. 

Last night, I was home with Mo, and thought why don't we give this show a shot...
After about an hour

Mo: This show is good huh??
Me: ya, it's addicting
Mo: I'll have to buy the seasons and then sell them, how many are there?
immediately I googled
Me: Holy sh*t this started in 2001?? There have been 8 seasons? 195 Episodes? We'll be watching this until we die without catching up!

2 hours later

Mo: Oh look, she's getting an MRI...she's just like me!
Me: Except for the fact that her arm is broken, she was kidnapped, roofied, and hit by a car, but yeah it's pretty much just like you.
Mo: Yeah, that's a lot to happen to a person in one night. 

Mo and I took in 6 episodes of season one night.  Sadly, I really hope she's reading today and not watching without me.

So yes fox, 2 girls in the history of the world have liked 24, Popprincess & Mo.

p.s. after only 6 episodes I get the whole "Jack Bauer is the man" thing.