Friday, April 30, 2010 - the beginning

Since last year, skiskidaughter and I have been talking about the website we're going to start.  It's a dating site, devoted to getting girls (and guys a like) to FLIP THAT CLADDAGH*

*I envision at the end of each 'webisode' a group of people screaming FLIP THAT CLADDAGH, much like at the end of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: MOVE THAT BUS!!

Skiskidaughter and I have had our claddagh's unflipped for some time now.  Note the photo to the right.  Yeah that was  last summer...

Anyway, we've been hemming and hawing over our website and what it will include.  Tips for dating? Free Claddagh rings for anyone that registered? Real life videos of people on dates? The one thing we know, it will include a sho.

Either way, skiskidaughter and her fantastic media skills came up with some visuals.  Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

run, forest, run...

So I ran a 5k Sunday...go me!  I was talking to a co-worker and she's trying to convince me to run a half-marathon.

I decided I'd do a little running this week, see how it goes...and decide next week.  But anyhooo...

I ran 4 miles yesterday...and saw a beautiful rainbow over castle island. 

I thought "this is a sign, I should run it".

And then I thought "This is why I'm single, I believe in rainbows and leprechauns".

When I told Finn she said that I have the heart of a six year old.  I'm pretty sure I have the maturity level of one as well.

editor's note: I have not signed up for said race.  If I do, I solemnly swear not to tweet, blog, facebook, mysapce about it, OR ask any of you for money.  holla at your girl PEACE.

Why am I Single Wednesday?

Q: Why am I single?

A: I watch First 48.

The part that makes it worse is that I also log on the A&E website for the case updates

You know, they are all innocent until proven guilty...DOI.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you want to feel like a has-been...Google Yourself.

I've been to the end of the internet and back.

Yep, the very end and I've come back with  all of the random useless knowledge that no one wants or needs to know..

I made had an epiphany recently.

If you cannot be found on the internet you do not exist.

Okay, that's harsh but, if you aren't on facebook, linked in, etcetera:

a) you're a shut in
b) you're on the run from the law
c) you've faked named me*
*Think Regina Phalange from Friends

Although I believe the above statements to be true, I hope my life cannot be whittled down to my existance on the internet. 

Yes, true, I can be found on facebook and linked in.  But in a straight up google search, my life is pretty damn depressing.

I google: my full name + my hometown:

"Senior goalkeeper Popprincess continued her fine season for the insert [my awesome HS name here] girls ... performance yesterday against visiting Patriot League...". My life boils down to a measly soccer game from 2003 that I barely remember.

Beyond that it's  5k Turkey Trot that I 2000

I google: my full name + my college:

a few lacrosse stats and a completely fabricated quote from the school online newspaper:

“If I don’t exercise at least a few times a week, I think I would go into a state of depression”

That's false...and LAME.


Okay, so I try this with some friends...same formul.  If I google fox + her hometown:

"graduated cum laude with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism..."

Sorry Fox, I graduated cum friends.

How about Fox + our college...

news articles, dean's list...oh that's right ..."student drummers include..."

student drummers? YIKES.

So I dare you, google yourself.  As much as I love the interweb, social networking, blogging, tweeting, facebook status messaging updating....

I hope to goodness gracious that my existance is not belittled to what my google search results point to.

So happy googling kids, god speed.

the double-down

This is not a joke. This freaking sandwich actually exists.

I have previously featured blogs regarding and this shizz absolutely qualifies.

skiskidaughter was the first to mention this sandwich's existance to me.  The following day the kid behind me at work said:

"I totally ate a double-down last night, I think I'm dying inside"*
note: there were likely a fair amount of drugs smoked prior to eating said double-down.

The Double Down features two boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce


Is this some sort of joke? I feel like if you eat would be able to feel your arteries clogging.

I mean for realsies what would Jamie Oliver think?? 

I find it funny that if you log-on to here is what you will see

"We believe eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle. KFC offers a variety of menu items for those that want lower fat, lower calorie choices, including Tender Roast and Honey BBQ Sandwiches, corn on the cob, BBQ baked beans and green beans."

right after an add for the double-down pops up...

The fried double-down is 540 calories and 32 grams of fat...worth it? I'm unsure...

Okay so even if you cave and take a taste of the double-down I forgive you.  And if you blackout and don't remember it, it didn't happen right? (ahem fox, beef you've both be pinned for eating almost an entire pizza, and basically not remembering it...). 

But while you think about eating this or the fact that there are probably hundreds of thousands of obese people that have ordered and will order this (it's been out since April 12th...) try to pay it forward and help get people out of these icky icky habits: click here.

That's all for now folks...keep on keepin' on.

why am i single?

Q: Why am I single?

A: see below:

skiskidaughter: red sox celts and bruins are on tomorrow nite

Me: holy hell, i'm getting smashed

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Facebook Status of the Week

"Last weekend I told that bouncer that there were explosives in the bathroom and to evacuate the bar and he told me, 'I think you should just go home'. So I sprinted home and I had shin splints for the next five days" Kassy (courtesy of Lillian's fbook status)


god damn ke$ha sucks

god damn ke$ha sucks

I couldn't have said this better myself...

Ke$ha was on SNL this weekend, and e! online is being asked if she’s the worst singer in the shows 35 year history.

The answer is yes. Actually the answer is that it’s hard to even comprehend how fucking terrible Ke$ha is. She fails at every attempt to be shocking or interesting or sexy or creative. She’s ugly, she can’t sing, she can’t dance and her body is disgusting.

It takes some nerve for this bitch to talk shit about Britney lip-synching live shows. She has a band made up of space astronauts like its a fucking Kidz Bop video, and she uses a headset microphone, except for the times when she grabs a hand held microphone and uses both at the same time.

I’m not very good with numbers but I thought that if you doubled something you got more of it. So if she sometimes uses two mics, and those mics are plugged in, it should be louder than when she only uses one. But the audience didn’t roll around clutching their ears in agony because someone just doubled the wall of sound smashing into them, so clearly I was mistaken. Looks like I owe Ke$ha an apology.

courtesy of

editor's note: Rihanna I'm embarrassed that you are allowing her to tour with you...for realsies.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank you turbotax, for reminding me I'm single

Thank you turbotax for reminding me that I'm single.

Not once, but twice.

Oh yeah, and since December 31, 2009.

Explain this? Okay sure

I think that all pretty much covers it.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Plain and simple, the fact that this exists is ridiculous.

Dubbed an "itunes essential", this Bro Rock collection includes songs that are absolutely must haves, by Daughtry Nickleback, and Finger Eleven.

Did I mention I gave my number to someone that was in town for the Daughtry Concert?*

*fact: why i am single.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Passing on some wisdom/hilarity from the onion

So after reading this witty commentary I hought I'd share it with you it's entitled:

I've Left My Haltingly Awkward Voice Message; Now The Ball's In Her Court

As a single guy who's gotten out there a fair amount, I've learned how to play the game. The way I see it, if someone's interested, great. If not, no skin off my nose. Take last night: I got the number of this hot young thing at a bar and decided to give her a call. And now that I've left my painfully uncomfortable six-minute-long voice message on her cell, I'm not going to waste my time obsessing over my next move. The ball's in her court.

If she wants to make the next move and return my panicked and barely coherent phone message, that's fine by me. If not, she can take a hike.
See, I've laid the groundwork, and if I do say so myself, it was pretty fucking painful: I stared blankly at my phone for a few hours; I dialed the number and said hello but in a voice so low that I had to clear my throat and repeat it several times; I spent a full minute awkwardly trying to explain that I was the guy drinking vodka tonics, but then, realizing that other people she was talking to were drinking gin and tonics, which look pretty similar, I said that maybe she'd remember me as the one wearing a bomber jacket and singing along to most of the songs that came on the jukebox; after that, I sealed the deal by stuttering my own name a half dozen times before spitting out "Vince."

Or did I say Victor?

Look, I could be a total loser and stay up all night waiting for her to get back to me, and I almost certainly will do that. But, why bother? If she calls, she calls. I put my sweaty, desperate cards on the table, and now it's on her. And unless I'm mistaken—which I usually am—as soon as she hears the sound of my trembling voice she'll be digging through her purse for the Arby's receipt that I frantically scribbled my name and number on.

What can I say? I guess my voice just has that effect on some women.

And when she does call, I am not going to freak out like it's the first time a woman's ever called me or something. In fact, I may just let it ring and keep her on ice for a while, assuming I don't panic first and start screaming into the receiver the second I hear the phone ring.

Because I'm the kind of player who likes to come on too strong. Just a nice, pitiful, borderline disturbing phone message, and I'm on with my life. It's not like I invited her and her sister to come have tacos with my parents and me tomorrow night or anything. At least, I'm pretty sure I didn't. To be honest, the last few minutes of the message were kind of a blur.

All I'm saying is, if she wants to get in touch with me, she knows how to reach me. After all, when I left the voicemail, I helpfully supplied her with my cell phone number, my home number, my work number, both my e-mail addresses, and my old pager number. I even repeated the info twice so she could find a pen and paper and write it all down. I just hope that she doesn't communicate by fax machine. If she does, well, then, tough cookies, because I don't have one.

That's just how I roll.

Hey, if she doesn't want to come over to my tiny, filthy apartment for a brief round of underwhelming, surprisingly messy sex, then that's her loss. Really, it's cool. I got a whole line of girls ready to politely exchange numbers with me as I stare at my feet, too petrified to make eye contact. It's not like I'm hard up for females or anything, someone whose breasts I can clumsily fumble over until, in disgust and disappointment, she makes up an excuse to leave.

Yes, sir, I'll just be here hanging out, playing it cool, and checking my voicemail messages every 45 seconds or so. No big deal. No big deal whatsoever.

Unless you think something went wrong with her voicemail and she couldn't retrieve my message. Could that have happened? Huh. You know what? Maybe I should call her back real quick. Just in case. Yeah. Just in case

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter y'all

In honor of easter I went to and jazzed up the one of the giant cross pics we took while driving down to TX. 

happy easter y'all.

happy easter.

happy easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Bossy

On our road trip down to TX, there were definitley a few choice comments made (perhaps due to lack of oxygen in Beef's Mazda 3 (or as she should properly be referred to a @beckididit)

One stands out in my mind that probably occured when we hadn't yet left Massachussets.  Beef was already being a bit clearly I felt the need to quote the Kelis song..."I'M BOSSAYYY"....

Beef had no freakin' clue what I was talking about. 

I couldn't believe it. 

We plugged cousin A's ipod in and rocked out to the song and I continued to grill Beef.

STILL had no recollection of the song...

"Were you never a sophomore in college??? How do you not know this song?"

"I mean seriously...'the b*tch y'all love to hate?' she even references know she 'brought all her boys to the yard'?"

Blew my mind. plain and simple.

Just a few beats on the popprincess playlist...

So when I'm not listening to Taio Cruz break your heart on repeat, I swear I'm only being a pop freak 75% of the time (and yes there is a Miley Cyrus song on this with it.

I'm slightly addicted to onerepublic good life, probably in my top 2 right now.