Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Popprincess does 25...

Ohhhh emmm gee.  I'm 25.  I could tell you that I've toned down and in my old age I'm wise & mature, but that would be a blatant lie. 

The big 2-5 hit the hardest yesterday when I was on the elliptical and I had to type in in my weight and to add insult to injury, my age.  I lied and said I was 19, it felt good, I like living life on the edge.

So what does a talented young bloggess do to celebrate her birthday?

Well I guess a lot of things.

Sticky helped me kick things off by taking my out for my first experience at Bukowski's.  I enjoyed quite a few delightful bevs and the sweet potato fries didn't hurt either.Hope he takes me back there sometime soon!

Now, that was my whole plan for Friday, but instead Bukowki's ended up serving as a pre-game for a night at Lucky's.

A few kids came over to drink and someone mentioned we were celebrating my birthday prematurely.  Someone asked "Oh when's your birthday?" And since I was mid-conversation with someone else my response was "January".  So apparently I am a diva and have a birthday month, not just a day.

Lucky's somehow required a shot of whiskey, since as a single 25 year old female you obviously want to grow some hair on your chest.Good times.

Since I was supposed to "lay low" I had previous plans for spin class at 8:30AM on Saturday with Canole.  You would think after my wild night I would have bailed on no I was there, just a human on a bike at 8:30AM.

Following that I was greeted by my neighbor and friend in the apartment down below (Lillian) with a cup of coffee and baileys accompanied by a bacon egg and cheese - don't mind if I do.
(note: there was steamed baileys/milk atop the coffee, she is a serious betty crock

Then to the true celebration! A lovely crowd headed to Barlow's for brunch.  I felt fancy and 25, which was just wonderful.  We knocked back a few bloody mary's and joined the clean plate club fo sho.

My favorite part may have been the rock solid order of birthday surprises:
Real Quote: "Yes, We'll have the chocolate cake, apple cobbler, and a shot of washington apple".

All in all it was quite a success got some great QT with some lovely broads - props to Moose for loving organizing and making cat ladies feel spesh.

And what would my birthday be without a quick stop at the BBG for a couple follow up magners (yes it's only 4PM at this point).

 The evening brought us to West End Johnnies.  Apparently the awesome Boston Blazers were having an after party there too, so we were in line at 9:45 - woof....regardless a good crew got in and the last thing I remember is giving willow smith a run for her money and legit whipping my hair back and forth for some unknown amount of time.  I don't think i will be doing that again anytime soon.  I had the symptoms of whip lash up until yesterday (I know this because obvi I WebMD'd them).

Now, I lost some time between around 11:20PM - 1:00AM.  I sent Tinaface, verbatim this text:

12:52AM: O$g I'm a retarD come ton. 514 :).

I guess I'm retarded because I left my own b-day celebration - but I think I needed to be removed from the bar.  Somehow, I came back to live around 1:30 and orchestrated an after party...that didn't wrap up til 5am.  That sounds like how most normal people would celebrate their 25th right? Sure!

In case you were curious - that is the only outgoing text that was sent.  And yes Tinface did come to my apt - and yes she did slumber with her secret Ken doll looking manfriend on my couch - atta girl T.

Answers to other outstanding questions:

1) No, no one took home a Boston Blazer.
2) Of course I had Sunday Funday.

Nice to be back kiddies,


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