Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dream

As someone just walked by my desk at the office they noticed a pair of what looks like child's sized jean shorts. As many people often do, they questioned what those were all response as always went as follows:

Everyone has dreams. I have dreams too, but I mean, right now as a post-college has been that often enjoys a few cold beverage or 10, my most important dream, aspiration if you will, is to be the skinny bitch that cranks budweisers. So basically once I get skinny enough I'll be able to crank those red,white, and blues in cutoff jean shorts.

So now I guess you understand why there is a small pair of jean shorts hanging next to the gym schedule. Yes the shorts were a joke and yes they are from the weathervane. I was caught back in the fall of '07 in a pair of butt pocket-less jean shorts. Oops! You only live once right?

Now you might be asking yourself how I plan on getting from where I am now to becoming skinny enough to achieve my dream. Two very simple words come to mind: kashi and ice chips. Okay a few more words come to mind than that kashi, ice chips, vodka tonics....treadmill, elliptical, celery...if you have any suggestions - do tell. I think with my June goal it's completely realistic. I plan on blogging about my progess as well...

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