Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I made Beef look like a terrorist

So I think it was this article that popped up today that reminded me of what I did to my dear sister beef about year or two ago.

I had just started my sparkling career as an event planner. 

I borrowed Beef's suitecase to take on the train to NYC in September for my first big conference.  In the scramble to pack up our event and catch the train back to Boston, I tossed a pair of box cutters in the front zip pocket of the suitecase. 

Flash forward to Christmas.  Beef is taking a trip to San Diego with First Lieutenant Blackout and his family for a wedding.  She plops her big red suitcase on the conveyor belt without a care in the world.  About 5 minutes later they are removing box cutters from her sutiecase and detaining her.

Whoopsies.  Sorry Beef.  

Don't worry she wasn't put on any no-fly lists and she did eventually make her flight...

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