Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My roommates & I need to relax

It has become quite apparent that my roomates and I need to take it easy.  We need to squash the  Sunday Fundays in the immediate future, because it is clear that we are killing brain cells each and every weekend.

Every single Monday night, without fail, we have the same conversation..

So picture us sitting in our living room, watching Dancing with the Stars.  Obviously, while watching such a quality show some really burning questions come up. 

1) What race is Rick Fox anway?

2) Hey is Rick Fox Dating Eliza Dushku?

3) How old is Jennifer Grey anyways?

and my favorite, that comes up during the Activia commercials

4) Isn't that Sigourney Weaver?

Yeah, I get it why would we ever remember answers to such trivial and obscure questions?  And, if you have deep and powerful thoughts like Beej, Smellin' and I you are racking your braining thinking:

How the heck do you tell the difference between Susan Sarandon, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver anyway???

I guess why I'm so concerned for our well-being (and what makes us so pathetic) is that a mere 7 days have passed each week we asked each and every one of those questions. And we're pushing week 6 of the show. 

SO perhaps if I write down the answers to these burning questions, my roomates and I can quickly reference my blog instead of hemming and hawing (and eventuallly googling) the answers.

Drumroll please...

1) Rick Fox is Bahamian and Italian Canadian (eh?)

2) Yes he's dating Eliza Dushku, that's why she's in the audience and he kissed her after he danced.  Yes that pretty young girl next her is typically his daughter, and yes it's his daughter with Vanessa Williams (p.s. Rick Fox has still got it).

3) Jennifer Grey is 50, and of course she got a nose job, duhh.

and finally

4) No that is not Sigourney Weaver.  It's Jamie Lee Curtis.

For future reference (and based on my own little mind...):

Sigourney Weaver: Copycat, Dave, Avatar

Susan Sarandon: Stepmom, Dead man walking, Thelma & Louise

Jamie Lee Curtis: Halloween, Freaky Friday, Activia


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