Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moose is a highly qualified child-care provider... is effectively for babysitters. No offense to Nicole G but I don't care if you had a background check, you are likely to be found as a stripper just trying to pay her way through umass night will not be babysitting my children.

Moose, my sister, had to create a profile that would set her apart from people like Nicole G.

Please see my notes and commentary below. Someday you too will have to pick a sitter, and I'd like to help you read between the lines. Also Sticky please note all of the things your "roommate" would do around the house if you paid her just a mere $13-18/per hour.

I'm an energetic and outgoing college graduate looking to pick up a few babysitting jobs per week(After looking into other profiles Moose is off to a good start. I found "I have a fun and bubbly personality..." let's get real you are probably boring. OR how about "I am 30 years old..." Really? you're kicking your BABYSITTING profile off like that, ZOIKS).
I currently work in Finance downtown(and hate my job), and on my weekends I volunteer as a coach for the a Youth Lacrosse Program(and crush bud lights on my forehead afterwords because the children drive me insane).

I have more than 10 years of experience working with children as a regular babysitter for several families in my hometown, youth coach of both soccer and lacrosse, full time summer nanny and volunteer for Junior Achievement(Is this made up??).

I currently live in the city, but I have a car and would be willing to travel to your home. I would be happy to provide any more information about myself or my experience. I look forward to hearing from you!

Work Experience
2 Years as a Nanny
Full Time Summer Nanny in the burbs, MA for a wonderful family of three daughters aged 5-13. Wonderful is the overstatement of the year. The eldest daughter ate crisco right out of the can and the 5 year old sang dirty rap songs.

Skills & Certifications
Drive the Kids
Homework Help
Playgroup Supervision
Potty Training (Really???)
Run Errands
Light Housekeeping
Yard Work
Water Plants
Collect Mail
Wash Car (Again, really?)
Grocery Shop/Stock
Care for Pets

Job Preferences
Rate:$13 - $18 per Hour
Maximum number of children: 4
Pets OK? Yes
Ages of children: 0-1 years old, 1-3 years old, 3-10 years old, 10+ years old
Child care location: At Family's Home, At Sitter's Home (Did you clear this with Sticky?)

Education Level:
College School: XXXXX College
Major: Accounting
Religion:Christian / Catholic
Hobbies / Interests: Soccer, Lacrosse, Swimming, all Team Sports, Running, Coaching Youth Programs, Reading, Traveling, Skiing
Talents / Experience: Former-Athlete, Camp Counselor, Sports Coach
All in all it's quite a nice little profile and has even got her some steady work. Not to mention I get the left over jobs she can't make. And we all know I need the cash$dollahs.
Good work Moose, keep it up.

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