Monday, June 8, 2009

My newest guilty pleasure...

I'll admit it. I'm a victim of bad TV. I mean, I did catch myself watching Speidi on I'm a celebrity get me out of here! AND Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez all in one night...sad, but so very true.(note: this was not the first time I had seen Another Cinderella Story this year..surprised?)

To be honest, when I discovered Two and a Half Men earlier this year, I thought, why the eff didn't I catch on to this sooner?

But alas, there was something bigger, better, and funnier than Ducky from Pretty in Pink playing a slightly annoying free loading brother of the alcholic womanizing jingle-writing Charlie Sheen and father of the slightly overweight and no longer so endearing son(now that he's, oh, about 16).Just a few weeks ago How I Met Your Mother somehow surfaced on my radar and for lack of a better phrase it rocked my world.

So what you ask, exactly, is it that got me hooked? Was it Jason Segal from Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall that had me wanting more? Was it Bob Sagget's voice as "future Ted" narrating and leaving me and Ted's future kids with life lessons to ponder at the end of each episode? Maybe.

But perhaps I became mesmerized by NPH aka Dougie Howser's character, the womanizer who has catch phrases and theories that I will slip into my back pocket and use for years to come. If I was a guy I would absolutely tell my friends to "suit up" before we went to the bar.

What's that? You want me to elaborate? Don't mind if I do...

In one episode, Barney tells his friends they have fallen "victim" to the Cheerleader Effect

"The Cheerleader Effect is when group of women seems hot but only as a
group. Just like with cheerleaders. They seem hot, but take each one
of them individually? Sled dogs...Take a good, hard look at each
one of those girls. Individually. The Cheerleader Effect. Also known
as the Bridesmaid Paradox, Sorority Girl Syndrome,and for a brief window in the
mid-'90s,the Spice Girls Conspiracy. Scary Spice indeed"

Now, think long and hard this is totally true. You see a bunch of cute girls in short skirts, or sorority sisters wearing pink with blonde hair and you assume automically "hotties". C'mon now how many butter-faces[but-her-faces] are really in the group. I highly enjoy this theory. Obvi does not apply to me and my friends. We're the real sho.

That one not good enough for you?

Take for example the hot-crazy scale:

"The problem is certain women’s increase in physical attractiveness has been disproportional to their increase in psychosis. Luckily for us, a chart exists where we can see just how out of balance the ratio between your hotness and craziness has become - knowledge that can prove to be invaluable over the course of your daily life"

This speaks for itself.

Other miscellaneous reasons I heart Barney & the show in general:

-Barney's Video Resume

-His overuse of the words "Awesome" and "Legendary" and the fact he <3's a good high five...

So if you have any other AWESOME shows that are hiding in the wood-work, please do point them out to me. I enjoy being thoroughly entertained.

xoxo PopPrincess :)

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