Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ayyyyyyy, it's the Party in the U.S.A. Effect

Okay, we all know I'm an avid Miley and all things pop music/culture fan.  But I have to take a stand.  Party in the U.S.A. is ruining the game for all of us single ladies...

Case in point:  We're out at the bar on Friday, we see a group of guys that are attractive and they are swaying to Montell Jordon This is How We Do It or Jay-Z and Rihanna Run This Town with a decent amount of swagger.  Okay ladies, looks like the game is on.

Then the DJ starts to spin a new beat.  'IT'S MILEY!'.  At first said circle of guys is just standing, listening to Miley screech about how she "hopped out the cab at LAX" and they are wondering why the heck she's whining about her stupid cartigan.  But, a mere 30 seconds later, they are "noddin their heads like yeah" and all bets are off. 

Here's the issue: for some reason, people (not just chicks) feel compelled to act out each action miley describes in her lyrics.  You have a group of decently attractive guys nodding their heads, fine, I can handle that.  But when they are effectively raising the roof and bopping their hips around to the bubble-gum beat, I suddenly lose all interest, the become far less attractive.  A 10 becomes a 4 because you can't help but question whether he swings both ways...

The 'dance floor' a the Bell in Hand becomes a middle school dance gone wrong.  And in all honesty, you guys are just steps away from this dude below (as endearing as he is).

So a word of advice guys: If you're trying to close the deal, head to the restroom, drop by the bar and order something on the rocks, or just take a seat and watch the ladies bee bop around until Party in the U.S.A. has run its course.

Popprincess, OUT.

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