Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I see your true colors...shining through

You know you've been in a similar scenario, you don't remember that last tequila shot you took until you see your bar tab, or find a lime in your back pocket.  

Maybe you don't remember you slipped on the dance floor until the pics are posted on facebook (and tagged obvi).  

Maybe you don't remember buying $2.67 worth of snacks at Cumberland Farms on your older sister's credit card (since you're 19 and have her ID too) on your walk home from the bar until your sis gets her credit card bill. Sorry Moose.  

But as soon as you have that bit of proof all of the memories come rushing back to you.

Well, something similar happened to me just last night.  Since none of our shows were new, I hit up our trusted DVR to see what was cookin'. 

note: I'm new to the whole DVR phenomenon.  It's truly become a luxury for me.  I often get frustrated when I try to fast forward through commercials and Vicky, my roommate, without a doubt reminds me "We're live".  every.single.time. I try to ffw.

I was scrolling through and I had one of those drunken memories come rushing right back.  It was one of those flashbacks that just slaps you right int he face.  The proof was right there, those DVRed movies jump right out at you in Purple & White.

That's right, after a full day of tailgating, and before heading back out to the bar, I DVRed Princess Protection Program. 

Duh staring Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato...

Now you've heard the age old proverb "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts".  This might be worse.

If you thought my HSM, pop-loving, teeny bopperness was an act,  I have the proof right on my DVR. Alas, I am truly a 13 year old girl (6 year old in urban areas)

If you're wondering, or course I didn't delete it!

Until next time,

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