Friday, December 11, 2009

Overheard on gchat...

It's hot where you're going

It's nice that fox is thinking about others during the holiday season...

Fox: i think my outfit is way boring. i wish i had a great skirtdown to the floor like the duggers

Fox: where is goodwill?

Fox: So im pretty sure the milk in the fridge is bad but if i pour it out ill have to get more but if i dont use it in my coffee ill be asleep

Fox: is it ok to just use a lil splash? yesss theres a good will right near my house im def stopping thur

Popprincess: hahaha

Fox: i wish you could shop goodwill online

Popprincess hahahaha omg ppl that ACTUALLY shop there..don't have computers

Fox:...or houses to ship to

Popprincess: we're going to hell

Fox: the milk is always bad in hell

In the words of Michael Scott, she's going to H-E-L-L double hockey sticks

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