Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why isn't she single?

Q: Why isn't Beef, my twin sister, single?
A: I don't know.

Last Friday, Beef doesn't really remember too much from her evening out on the town, except for the fact that she did stop at a fine north end establishment, and order an entire pizza.

Second Leiutenant Blackout, her longtime boyf, arrived home to find Beef, on her couch, with a box of pizza in her lap.

Beef: I ordered a whole pizza, they only gave me half

Upon opeing the box, Second Leiutenant Blackout found two slices left.

Beef: Serioushhhly, I'm pissed. I ordered a full pizza, they only gave me half...
SLB: I don't believe you, there's pizza all over your face.

And that's just the stahhht of it (think Robin Leach Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous)

The following morning, on the way to a wedding, at 5AM she made Secod Leiut. stop to buy her a bag of Jax.  That's right, she ate the entire thing.

And that's not all , just a hour before the ceremony, Beef ate 15 chicken nuggets.

 sooo why am I single?
*note: Beef is neither single nor morbidly obese.

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