Friday, December 4, 2009

Scoring My Own Life...

Legitimate e-mail conversation:

TACO©: How much work you got to do over there?
Popprincess: I’m sampling songs on itunes and then illegally downloading them…so none really…
Popprincess: Once I have a nice little library going, I will move on to make my playlists…like for running, for the morning, boozing, etc. extravagant plan right?
TACO©:  I like it. You are scoring your own life right now.

editor's note: TACO© copywrite of Fox

TACO© was right.  I like this too, a complete life soundtrack for Popprincess. 

So this morning, I was getting ready, straightening my hair listening to my 'morning mix'.  Michael Buble Haven't Met You Yet came on the playlist.  'OMG I'm in the opening scene of a Rom Com...', I thought.

This is totally how things should turn out for me.  I'll be shopping in the grocery store and meet the love of my life.  There will TOTALLY be a marching band, confetti, and everyone will spontanously break out into dance.  It's will be just like a scene from High School Musical...

So thank you Michael Buble, thank you TACO©, I've found my own anthem for the time being.  Stay tuned for Say Whaaaat? Songs from the Eteranlly Single Girl: Volume 1 (I'm tellin' ya it would sell out on iTunes).

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