Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's with the Puppy? And the Baby?

Okay guys (and by guys, I mean you dudes), what's the deal?

As usual I've been trolling the internet and I've seen a ridiculous number of a new type of profile pic.

It's not the standard, passed out or doing a kegstand, or  even playing a game of beirut pic.  You guys have moved on from showing us ladies that you're a "good time". 

I've yet to come up with an appopriate name for this new type of pic but for now I'll go with:


So what gives? Is this really what you're getting at? My mini-feed is on overload with former college classmates looking lovingly at small children.  At first glance I think "OMG, he's got a bastard child"...and soon come to realize it is their neice/nephew/cousin and so on and so forth...

With the baby you show you care about your family, and maybe want kids someday.

With the puppy you are displaying you can not only care for yourself, but also another living breathing, mammal that needs to be fed and walked and loved. 

 But really, is this he message you are trying to send the ladies, honestly?  That's fine, but I see right through it.  You are only trying to appear as if you are caring and responsible...because clearly you are only able to display this via the internet, and not in person.

From what I have heard...the trend is the same with you guys on dating sites throughout the interweb.    

If I posted a pic of me and my cat (RIP Tizzy) you would call it the:

Or if I had a baby cousin/neice etc. it would be the:


So I say no to this double standard.  It's just unfair.  You put up these pics to prove you are responsible and caring, but if we did the same itt would make us baby-crazy cat ladies all in the same breath.

I'm not saying don't be proud of your pup or your nephew.  But ease up with the default pic.  It just rubs it in that I can't embrace my inner cat lady without being judged.

xoxo Popprincess

p.s. RIP Tizzy

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