Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My good friend fox and I were discussing TV shows, and Fox said something to the affect of: "Dudes like 24, but has any girl in the history of the world liked that show?". 

I agreed, I didn't thank any girls had.

However, Mama Popprincess (Mo) threw out her back last week and is fully out of commission.  Moose set her up with a TV, DVD player and season 1 of both LOST and 24. 

Last night, I was home with Mo, and thought why don't we give this show a shot...
After about an hour

Mo: This show is good huh??
Me: ya, it's addicting
Mo: I'll have to buy the seasons and then sell them, how many are there?
immediately I googled
Me: Holy sh*t this started in 2001?? There have been 8 seasons? 195 Episodes? We'll be watching this until we die without catching up!

2 hours later

Mo: Oh look, she's getting an MRI...she's just like me!
Me: Except for the fact that her arm is broken, she was kidnapped, roofied, and hit by a car, but yeah it's pretty much just like you.
Mo: Yeah, that's a lot to happen to a person in one night. 

Mo and I took in 6 episodes of season one...in one night.  Sadly, I really hope she's reading today and not watching without me.

So yes fox, 2 girls in the history of the world have liked 24, Popprincess & Mo.

p.s. after only 6 episodes I get the whole "Jack Bauer is the man" thing.

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