Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Year Without Cheese - Month 1 Complete

I had nay-sayers.  I had days where cheese was all up in my face (or literally slapping me in the face).  But I did it.  I went a full month without cheese.  

Thank you everyone who gave me a pat on the back for doing it

note: I use that term loosely, by pat on the back I mean commented on my facebook status that was 'cheeeesee', but thanks nonetheless. 

I have to say, last night, the first night I could enjoy it again...I was sorely disapointed.  My pizza was super undercooked.  My mozarella sticks were able to save Alfredo's some face so I didn't hop on and really eff them up.  As you all know, my words are powerful. 

But tonight we went out for AC's bday and we ordered every single appetizer avec fromage (with cheese for those of you that are challenged en français).

And they were all amazing. 

The best was definitley the smoked gouda fondue.  Yup ya heard right, that's righ cheese fondue with smoked bacon.  Yer damn skippy. 

More to come tomorrow in 'The Year Without Cheese'.

Month 2: February: The Month Without Swearing


F*&#, S*%$, B@*#$.

C#*k, B#!!$.

I'm just trying to make a point, Frank. You don't have to celebrate it.

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