Monday, March 1, 2010

Chat Roulette

So times are seriously-a-changing.  It's 2010 and technology has taken things to a whole new level.

I've been trying to find the words to accurately explain what chat roulette is, but I think it might better be explain through this video (ohh interweb, what would I do without you?). 

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Our friend Casey here really hit the nail on the head.  Biz and I were probably on chat Roulette for two hours.  The folks that are logged on definitley fit right into Casey's category of "Boys, Girls, and Perverts".

We talked to a wide variety of people, and got nexted more than a few times(mostly 12 year old girls completely done up in makeup on a Sunday night probably looking to talk to older dudes). 

Here's a snapshot of people we chatted with:

4 dudes in Paris drinking beers, smoking cigs, and offering us their blunt if we showed some boob (we didn't!!)

A guy in China chatting from an internet cafe who told Liz she was very beautiful.

A drunk dude in Somerville (Somerville!).  We showed him the Southie T-shirt I was wearing and got a fist pump.  Our tip off was that he typed to us "I've neva done this before", I turned to Biz and said "he probably lives next door...".

Once we showed him how to turn on the volume, we heard the ever familiar Boston accent and couldn't get over how crazy this thing was!

Then we talked to a drummer from a band in Portland Oregon.  We went to his website and rocked out to some of their beats.  Def has a cool sound!

Biz told him I'd blog about him, telling him it's mostly rants about being single.  He said "he loves rants about being single" ha we sent him the link to my blog, we could see him literally laughing out loud(duh it's all on video)...success.   

We did run into a fair number of pervets.  I also do not want to get into graphic detail, but we totally saw some things we did not ever want to see.  I would just close my eyes and shout NEXT, NEXT!!!! at Biz until she hit the button. 

Either way, it's crazy and addicting and we definitly need to do it again after 4-12 bud lights. 

until next time...

xoxo popprincess


Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies that is so awesome
PS im the drummer from portland
i love this page i just put it in my favs section and its listed as OMG LOL

i would be glad to send you a copy of the new album if you would like let me know

Anonymous said...

oh no, Biz becomes Liz and my cover is blown!