Monday, March 22, 2010

Yep, Say Whaaaat got a makeover...

Stop where you are! You aren't lost, I promise.  My blog hasn't been taken over by crazies.

I figured it was time this blog stopped being named after a pair of spandex from sears

And yes, I still plan to shock and amaze you with the power of my words.

I was inspired last night when Beef put a sizeless hat on her ginormous head and said, "oohhh I'm nervous, one size fits most?".

Now think this through for a moment.  I'm not really so much poking fun at heavy people (but yes, I agree 'One Size Fits Most' on the tag of a snuggie may cause that crazy 500 lb woman (you know the one that's trying to weigh one ton) to be weary of weather it will fit her or not.

'One Size Fits Most' applies to people like me and my family, we happen to have abnormally large heads. And also people that have abnormally large hands, feet and ears.

Do you think that the these "ear-mitts" would fit on on everyone???

And those slippers you get for christmas every year? You better be your bottom dollar there are people out there with flippers that don't even fit half-way in.

So we're trying out the new name.  We'll see if it sticks.



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