Wednesday, April 28, 2010

run, forest, run...

So I ran a 5k Sunday...go me!  I was talking to a co-worker and she's trying to convince me to run a half-marathon.

I decided I'd do a little running this week, see how it goes...and decide next week.  But anyhooo...

I ran 4 miles yesterday...and saw a beautiful rainbow over castle island. 

I thought "this is a sign, I should run it".

And then I thought "This is why I'm single, I believe in rainbows and leprechauns".

When I told Finn she said that I have the heart of a six year old.  I'm pretty sure I have the maturity level of one as well.

editor's note: I have not signed up for said race.  If I do, I solemnly swear not to tweet, blog, facebook, mysapce about it, OR ask any of you for money.  holla at your girl PEACE.

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