Tuesday, April 20, 2010

god damn ke$ha sucks

god damn ke$ha sucks

I couldn't have said this better myself...

Ke$ha was on SNL this weekend, and e! online is being asked if she’s the worst singer in the shows 35 year history.

The answer is yes. Actually the answer is that it’s hard to even comprehend how fucking terrible Ke$ha is. She fails at every attempt to be shocking or interesting or sexy or creative. She’s ugly, she can’t sing, she can’t dance and her body is disgusting.

It takes some nerve for this bitch to talk shit about Britney lip-synching live shows. She has a band made up of space astronauts like its a fucking Kidz Bop video, and she uses a headset microphone, except for the times when she grabs a hand held microphone and uses both at the same time.

I’m not very good with numbers but I thought that if you doubled something you got more of it. So if she sometimes uses two mics, and those mics are plugged in, it should be louder than when she only uses one. But the audience didn’t roll around clutching their ears in agony because someone just doubled the wall of sound smashing into them, so clearly I was mistaken. Looks like I owe Ke$ha an apology.

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editor's note: Rihanna I'm embarrassed that you are allowing her to tour with you...for realsies.

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