Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtesy of Willard Scott

Lately as I've been getting ready for work (aka dressing for success in jeans and flip flops), I've been watching the today show.  I always seem to get a chuckle out of Willard Scott and his Smucker's Birthdays.

I see these people past 100 and just get a warm little feeling in my heart...

Viola Weeks, old Brooklyn, NY 100 years old: attributes to longevity to faith in god and eating healthy loves to put good things in her garden.

Cordelia Figgat, Charleston, WV 104 years old: taught herself keyboarding at 93 wrote a book at 100 and is the oldest living alumni member at Marshall University

Edna Smith Sugar Land, TX 102 years old: cooks, cleans and enjoys doing laundry, avid member of her Baptist church.

Then I think...

Well what would good old Willard say about me if I (and he) made it past 100??

Pop Princess, Boston, MA 101 years old: enjoys watching crimeshows and blogging.  Still able to drive her antique 2000 chevy cavalier and attributes longevity to the company of her 6 cats.


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