Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moose got married, the social media aftermath

Moose got married to Sticky.  The wedding stories/posts will be coming out soon, apologies for the delay...but honestly I just don't know where to start.  Anyhoo, last week I was blowing up everyone's facebook mini-feeds when I posted two wedding albums, respectfully named:

"I'm sorry this is my first time"


"like oh my gosh i'm so in love"

It's up to you to decide which of those words Sticky uttered mid-ceremony on their wedding day...

So the happy couple returned from their gorgeous honeymoon in iItaly  just two evenings ago (DBJ folks, your time will come)
note: DBJ - don't be jeal - get with it!!!

As my gchat status currently states: Moose has staged a physical assault on facebook since she re-entered the U.S.

Moose tagged you in 6 photos
Moose likes your photo
Moose Commented on your photo
-----Moose: this is where it starts to get a littttle sketchy.....enter trash basket.
----- CT: I've got a great idea: Beer + trash bucket ... This won't not be regretful

Moose commented on your photo:
----Moose: I'm pretty sure I'm telling Vicki.."drink beer from this trash barrel or you're nothing"
---Vicki: a challenge that I, of course, accepted.

Moose tagged HR in one of your photos

Sticky tagged himself in 6 of your photos
note: looks like Moose is rubbing off on him

Note: this goes from yesterday AM until this very morning, starting with the most recent

Moose  wrote on VL's Wall.

Moose went from being "engaged" to "married"
note: 4 people like this, 1 comment

Moose updated her current location to Boston, Massachusetts.

Moose added Hingham, Massachusetts as her hometown.

Moose commented on CC's wall post

Moose commented on EL's wall post

Moose  and Random Person are now friends.

Moose commented on CC's.

Moose commented on AM's photo.

Moose commented on EL's photo.

Moose commented on EL's photo.

Moose commented on your photo.

Moose commented on your photo.

Moose commented on your photo.

Moose commented on your photo.

Moose is attending MBA Thirsty Thursday at Dillon's.
I think my Aunt Patsy's wall post from yesterday afternoon sums it up best (follow her on twitter @patsy387)
Patsy387: Looks like you're gonna have to change that relationship status. Now you're really grown up.... or not.
You got it Patsy, or not is right.

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