Friday, September 3, 2010

Why am i single?

Q: Why am I single?

A: Last night, since I'm minding Moose & Sticky's apt while their on their honeymoon (wedding blog series - COMING SOON!)  I decided to go over and do some laundry.  And by some I mean about 3 weeks worth, at the very least.

But that's not all.

Moose & Sticky have not been in their apartment in over two weeks, so when my tummy started a-grumbling...there was slim-pickins in in cabinets/fridge/freezer.  Instead of walking to the store and buying something I decided to make do with what I had.

On my dinner menu was:

1 Fresca
1/2 cup of mixed nuts
8 Carr's table water crackers
10 shrimp cocktail

Now, the kicker here is that I definitely could have made pasta.  But that would have taken 8-10 minutes.  The shrimp cocktail directions were as follows: 

Place in collinder and run cold water for 5 minutes.



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