Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oops, Beef turned 25 too!

So Beef turned 25 too, I'm pretty sure I was so caught up with being depressed about being old, that I left out the fact that my twin turned as well.  Whoopsies!

Side note: Beef sent me a shake weight, that arrived just a few days post-bday.  I sent her a Valentine that said "Happy Belated Birthday" inside that she got yesterday.  I'm an awesome sister/twin/MOH.

So, back to Beef's B-day... she had dinner plans with her fiance, 1st lieutenant blackout for Saturday night.  But they weren't ready and obvi wanted to blackout, so changed plans to go out Sunday.

Sunday came around and Beef and 1st lieutenant blackout couldn't go out to dinner because they had stayed up until 5AM, had breakfast at 24 hour diner and let's face it at 25 you're old, can't hang like you used to. 
So Monday rolls around, and Beef is fully expecting a full fledged birthday dinner.  Wrong.  First Lieutenant Blackout had to stay at work late, so didn't get home until 8:45.

Beef was starving.

He comes home...."You ate dinner right? I'm taking you out to dessert."


So they are at their chosen restaurant, and Moose calls.  Beef answered since she wanted to soak up all the happy bdays from afar. 

Moose: What are you doing?
Beef: We're at Chili's.
Moose: Happy 12th Birthday.

She didn't even get the molten lava cake.  I guess she's wearing her Birthday present on her left hand too...haha.

Happy Belated B-day Beef!


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