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Moose & Sticky 2Getha 4 Eva

Disclaimer: This is, and will be, one of the only 'based on true events' post in Say Whaaat? history. Some details could not be recovered after much investigation. Say Whaaaat? is and always will be a non-fiction blog

Here's how the story goes:

We wasted the good surprise on you!

The last surprise Stick gave to his lovely lady, Moose, was on her birthday just about a month ago...

He presented her with a card and picture of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Let's just say he didn't get his desired or expected reaction. I won't give you the complete play by play, but upon googling this breed she came up with the following information:

Shedding: High

Size: Large-Giant

One word: waterworks.

I believe she actually referred to the puppy as "responsibility in an envelope"...

They later agreed a chocolate lab would be a happy medium...

They don't know we know...

So, remember that Friends episode, 'The one where everyone finds out' ? I'd like to think that Beef, my twin, and I had a sort of had an inkling, a sixth sense, if you will, about the engagement... You know?

Like Monica said: "They don't know that we know they know we know.” but we knew. Okay, well not the time or place, but there we were just waiting ever so patiently for the news... you could chalk it up to a 'twin thing' or 'sisterly intuition'. Maybe it was just our problem solving abilities (see 2 posts back, we rocked Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?)...anyhooo...

The Plan

Sticky told us a mere 2 days before the big day. He would propose at home, but needed us in on the plan so we could get all her friends and the fam to a bar to surprise her with a celebration right after. Sticky was nervous, and rightfully so.

I assured Sticky that a ring can neither bark nor shed...

Sticky told Moose he had an some weekend plans. They'd be heading tot he Sox/Yankees Game on Friday (Thank G this was just a ploy - 15 innings only to LOSE 2-0...miz)

On the eve of the big day, not knowing everyone else but her was in the know, she spoke with Biz:

Moose: I feel like something weird's gonna happen this weekend

Biz: Why?

Moose: Well, Sticky knows I don't like actually like baseball. I only hot dogs and beer, yet he's still taking me all the way to New York for a game. What if...

Biz: Moose, he's not going to propose to you in a Red Sox shirt. Or is he?

cruel Biz, now you're just being cruel

Moose: I hope he knows me better than that.

DUH. he does.

But how will he get her to the bar you ask? He told her to get ready, since they were meeting friends for 'free drinks' he had mysteriously won. She obliged.

Little did she know that Sticky wanted to take things to the next level. He wanted to be more than a roommate, landlord, car leasing company, maid, and personal chef.

He wanted to be her wife her to be his wife.

The Proposal [only based on facts]

Sticky: Moose I have a surprise for you...

Moose: okay

Stick presents Moose with Flowers

Sticky: I have another surprise

Sticky exits and heads to the kitchen to grab a box full 'o bling...


Only bits and peices of this section of the story are reliable from here on out. What I've presented below is the best interpretation I can get based on the accounts from both parties:

Sticky holds out the box with no words.

Moose grab's sticky's arm.

Moose opens the box.

Moose sees the ring sparkling right in her face.

She whispers/shouts/mouths inaudibly 'give me that!' OR 'mine!'

She rips the ring from the box and puts the ring on her own finger.

Sticky: "Will You Marry Me?"

Moose: Obvi!

Okay, well maybe she didn't say give me that, and she most certainly didn't respond "obvi" but in my own little world she did. Perhaps she prodded "do I have to put it on myself?" and P placed it on her lil' finger, and said 'Will you marry me?' and she said hell yeaaa son yes. But I like my version better.

Either way, Sticky sent the crowd waiting at the bar a text saying: "She's signed on for a fulltime contract".


After only a bit of waiting, Moose and Sticky rounded the corner of the escalator...

CONGRATULATIONSS!!! [It was more of like a crowd shouting: AYYYYYYY! heyyyyy! there they are!!!!]

Now Moose thought, that after all the weddings she'd been to she didn't have 'bride tears' in her. But alas, she did and got a bit emosh (and may or may not have pitted out her dress). But who cares, it's her day...

After 4.5 minutes at the bar, Moose gave a hug or two and then bluntly stated that she was still "empty handed". The bride to be was drinkless. I ever-so-kindly gave her my own, but I would say that her hand was not by any means empty. Like a young kid on global guts, she sure got a peice of the rock.

So without further adue:

To the happy couple!

Mazel tov!

p.s. Sticky is convinced fiance means roommate, in french.

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