Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bucket List Part I

Maybe I'm not that adventurous lame.

But I've always wanted to pay for one movie and sneak into a 2nd (or 3rd!). How wild, right? Yep it's on my bucket list (or was) .

So guess I missed the boat when I was 12, my friend fox even asked me "Did you go to the 7th grade?".

Yes, yes I did. I probably spent ever weekend of middle school at the Harborlight mall. Yes they tore down part of my childhood to put up a Lowe's in the mall's place, but nonetheless I paid to see Armageddon, Patch Adams, Austin Powers, Big Daddy and Titanic (3x, I'll never let go).

The only thing I ever 'snuck' into was the Blair Witch Project. But I at least had someone buy the ticket!

But here I am, age 23 and I've done it!

I was with my friend canole at the Boston Common theater. We were running late and missed the 7:30 of The Time Traveler's Wife so opted for The Ugly Truth. As we headed for the ticket counter, Canole asked how much I thought it costs "oh probably 9 bucks".

Canole: One for The Ugly Truth please.
Cashier: Eleven Dollars Please.
My Inner Monologue: ELEVEN?!?!?!?!

Me: One for The Ugly Truth.
Cashier: Eleven Dollars.
Me (aloud): You know, I could get two $5 foot longs at subway and a pack of gum for that much.

Cashier: No response.

As we walked away we thought of other things you could get with $11 dollars:

A six pack and two big gulps
A Cab from my apt to downtown
2 On Demand Movies
3 Miller Lites @ the Beer Garden
11 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's $1 menu

We sat in our seats and pondered over what we got for our $11 and even before the movie began we were dissatisfied. Well! Don't ya know it after a bit of googling (via blackberry) The Time Traveler's Wife began JUST as The Ugly Truth ended.

PERFECT. Let's do it.

So after laughing at crude and disgusting jokes for 96 minutes and having the epiphany that if Katherine Heigl can be a crazy cat lady who is hot and still gets the guy that I can too(!) We headed over to our second flick to discover that we would never want to marry a husband that time traveled. Thank G I figured that out!

Until Next Time,
Peace.Love.Stick it to the Man.


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