Friday, August 14, 2009

Popprincess vs. BC - Part I

Although I didn't attend BC...I am , in fact, a season ticket holder. I've been called a 'BC Bitch' by my college friends friends (because they claim I'm a poser). But, with their season opener a mere 3 weeks away I thought I would reminisce a bit about my experiences on their lovely campus...


While in college I lived through 2 World Series Championships, 1 Superbowl win, and endured the Pats blowing the perfect season.

But it was that first history making Red Sox World Series that probably meant the most. During significant points in history, people always like to recall exactly where they were when something happened (definitely more on this later). But nonetheless, I remember where I was, who I was with, and what happened when we headed to bean-town for the parade.

The night they won, I remember being pantsed while crowd surfing, yankees hats being set on fire, and almost puffing a cigar backwards.

I absolutely recall heading to my "Early Latin America" mid-term the following day intoxicated. As my dorky little professor handed me that dreaded blue exam book I looked up at him and said 'Seriously?'. It didn't matter, I thought indigenous meant tan, I still got a B-. I don't think studying would have made an iota of difference. ( about a year or so later I found out indigenous mean: having originated in and being produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment)

Thinking back just reminds me of that trip to BC ....

Trot Trot to Boston

The twin was at BC so my friend Benn(female) and I shot down on Friday night. Our friend from home was a manager for the football team so he said he'd take us to a party.

Unbeknowst to us, we were heading to Craig Smith's 21st Birthday Bash.

No joke.

We walked in, the lights were out the DJ was bumpin', someone handed us beers so we headed out to the dance flo' FO SHO. Dance party! We thought.

After a few minutes. The music stopped, the lights came nooo...

The DJ spoke into the the microphone. He wasn't yelling, instead, he spoke in a slow monotonous voice.

"If you're white you need to leave".


We looked around, and realized we were, in fact, the only 4 white people in the vicinity...

"If you have no rhythm you need to leave, now"

I think I had some sort of blackout. Benn and I scurried away from the dance floor, grabbed a few beers and locked ourselves in the bathroom.

Me: We just got kicked out of Craig Smith's Birthday party.

Benn: We're still here.


Benn: We're gonna get killed at Craig Smith's Birthday party

We bombed out of there, got lost somewhere in Newton and eventually found our way back.

We rocked out at the parade that day but were glad to go back to VT (ahem, we went to the whitest school in the whitest state in America).

So, fast-forward to fall 2009. I'm gonna be back in action on campus.

I'm still just as white but I've had 5 years to work on my moves(ew, I'm old). So watch out Justin Jarvis my 23 year old self is hitting your birthday next.

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