Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The True Origin of Say Whaaat?

Yesterday I unknowingly discovered how I subconciously named my blog. Initially, I thought I'd made a blog name to refelct my reader's reactions to my crazy and outlandish stories and commentary
fyi: this is a non-fiction sho

I thought Say Whaaaat? Meant something like "Say it ain't so!", "Gee wiz that's crazy!" or "Aw Naw Hell Naw!" (Nappy Roots anyone?).
After a bit of research, my prefered definition (courtesy of urban dictionary) is:

A term used when a person wishes for a surprising or astonishing statement to be repeated, or simply to show their surprise at said statement. To accurately model the timbre of the phrase, omit a high pitch during the last portion of the phrase in addition to stretching the "what" as long as deemed necessary by the user: Say (In high pitch) Whaaaat?!!

However, I made an startling discovery...

I was cleaning my room (this happens once in a blue moon see: Why Am I Single?), and I picked up a pair of black leggings (reminder ladies and gents: spandex are not pants). In the back there was a small pink tag sewn in that said in funky letters:
Say What?

I thought to myself, 'huh, that's funny, that's the name of my blog'. And then I thought, 'omfg. I definitley bought these spandex before I started blogging'. Then I thought harder, about both the origin of the spandex and the origin of my blog's name.


Me: OH MY GOD BEEF (I yelled up the stairs to my ever so honest twin sista)

No Answer.

I continued:

My blog is named after a pair of spandex!!! FROM SEARS!

Beef: I hate you.

Me: Why?

Beef: Your life hurts me, like it just makes me hurt.

I was kind of hoping she'd shout "Say Whaaat???"down the stairs and I could come full circle as far as my blog title goes, but I guess things can't always be perfect.

But Not to worry... Say What? (the brand) was:

"created to reach a fun, flirty, young woman, looking for the most affordable trends". (aka a cheap 23 year old who sees a pair of leggings while walking through Sears to get to her car in the mall garage - and the tranny to the right).

By GOSH that's me. Obvi a fun and flirty young woman, DUH!

My life kind of makes me hurt too.

xoxo popprincess


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Anonymous said...

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Susan Thrower said...

"Tranny to the right"??? Say WHAAAT???

Susan Thrower said...

"Tranny to the right"??? Say WHAAAT???