Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creatures of Habit...

This morning, I headed to our office kitchen to drop my lunch off in the fridge and make my morning cup of coffee(yes, I'm a bringer. And yes, it was a pb & j. Again I am 23 going on 12). Being that it is "Bagel Wednesday" there were a few more of my fellow co-workers in the kitchen than on an average day, but more importantly, there was a buzz in the room and something seemed a bit off.

I pulled open the cabinet, and to my dismay, it was lined with paper coffee cups that looked like they came from Level 4 of Mario Bros. 3(ahem, obvi, "big world"). Now these cups are probably only about a half size bigger than the cups we've had every day since I can remember; yet, this small change had drastically thrown off everyone's daily routine.

I, a k-cup drinker, thought "Do I have to get more coffee now?"and opted to press the 10 oz instead of my usual 8. Thus, leading me to be slightly more jittery, and requiring an additional pee break in the AM. Other, ground coffee drinkers couldn't seem to fit the new XL cup under the spout, I mean, that would really eff up my jam if I couldn't even get my morning cup o' joe. One woman even exclaimed "Seriously! This just ruined my whole day!". Well get with it sister, there's a whole cabinet full of 'em so I guess you'd better get over it.

That really got me thinking. Are we such creatures of habit that we let the tiniest change in our routine have an adverse effect on our day?...I think so!

Okay hear me out:

You're having an average day and then,

You log on to the good book, and get a message:

whaaat ever do you mean my account is unavailable for a few hours??? Bollox!!(my british alter ego would say). Repeatedly attempting to log on until successful (even though the message clearly stated hours) will absolutely decrease my productivity, and in turn, eff up my day.

Moving on, it's 3 hours before the big game. You can't find your lucky skivvies, socks, sweatband etc.

You spend the next 1/2 hr. scouring your room and turning your whole place inside out to find said item.

You end up late to the locker room with your jersey on backwards and are not at all in a calm mindset for the game. Definitley effs up with your head when you get out there on the sho.

What if milk really was a bad choice?

Okay there are two ways milk can eff up your day.

1)not having any for your [insert breakfast cereal of choice here].

2) having milk; however, not checking the expiration date and finding out the hard way, that it has already expired.

For English Press 1

Trying to track a package, call verizon, Dell or any customer service number really takes a toll on one's day. I call and get an automated system. I get halfway through and I get a beep, EFF. So I call back and start over. I JUST WANT TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN. I waste 3 hours on the phone talking to, well, no one.

Or say, at the end of a looong loong day, you get all the way to the gym...

You're totally revved up to hop on the elliptical, treadmill, or even pump some iron. Son of a nutcracker!! your freaking ipod has no juice.

The last one.

You get home from work after sour milk at breakfast, huge cups at work, no juice in your ipod and you open up the cabinet/fridge/freezer and grab for a nutri-grain, hot-pocket or fruit roll-up (yes, again I might be 12). Some considerate person put the GD box back, with nothing in it.

Okay you might think I'm being a complainer. Yes, true, the above listed scenarios may "just suck", maybe a few are just superstitious, and maybe they could be lumped in with general pet peeves. But I bet most of you agree, seemingly trivial scenarios/pet peeves etc. can change our outlook on a day. I think we just need to roll with the punches a bit more. Let's not let a GINOURMOUS cup be the be all end all of our day. Seriously, it's absurd. And hey, once I got my morning brew in that enormo-cup, it was half full, right?

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