Monday, March 2, 2009

I told you ilovermont...

Okay so I knew this weekend was going to be one for the books (or blogs)...

So - I have compiled my top 10-Moments of the weekend
(Not Necessarily in Chronilogical Order)

10) I hit on a girl, kind of by accident...

Some of the girls brought the female bartender from down the street to the party...I asked her if she watched House she said "No". Then I asked her "Well, do you watch the OC? You know that girl that dated Seth, but then turned out to be a lesbian? You look like her. But she's hot, it's like a compliment."

She avoided me like the plague for the rest of the night...

9) Friday morning 11:30 at Rite Aid, 12-pack in 1 hand, Gatorade in the other.

Random Man: What's the Gatorade for, to wash down the beer?

Me: yes, yes it is.

8) Admitting I am a fraud and watching HSM 3 for the 1st time. I heart Zac Efron even harder now...

7) Showing up at Burlington's "hottest" dance club. Having it be 18+ night (no effing way -right?). Getting in a fight with a gap-toothed 18+. Not being able to buy 2 mix drinks on my card because there was a $10 minimum. Being pissed that mixed drinks were $4 each.

6) Our hotel - not exactly a moment but in general the Anchorage Inn is not one of the finest establishments Vermont has to offer

a) Moving us into a room with 1 bed because the hot water wasn't working - 4 of us slept in one bed
b) The hot water still not working on saturday morning - cold showers.

c) Realizing the $ I owed for the hotel for the whole weekend was
less than my bar tab for one night.

d) Having Nugget then point out it was less than half my bar tab...

e) Someone jacking our heat to 90, waking up at 6:30 because we could not breathe...we layed in the hallway of the hotel...the hotel might actually be a

d) Since we woke up hot and hungry at 6:30, we decided we needed food. We went to burger king at 6:30 a.m., it was snowing, I was in shorts. The woman at burger king yelled at me, for being in shorts.

I then ordered an original chicken sandwich(obv), she turned around, slid the menu back and said "sorry only breakfast" I ordered french toast sticks instead. Goo. I thought that I was supposed to be able to have it my way???

5) Your Baby Can Read . com

For 2 hours the 4 of us layed in one bed and watched this infomercial

4) Meeting a freshman and having her say "OMG you're [insert my name here]?? You're a legend".

3) Others pointing out that they are also incredibly single:

a) Going to get pizza & wings with Quasi ( note: nicknamed quasi[moto] for a sun burned that somehow turned her into a french hunchback last spring break). She had Buffalo Sauce dripping down her ands and her mouth full of wings and stated "You know what I could really use right now?? A frappe!!". I rebuttled with "Okay Quasi...why are you single??"

b) Quasi's Roommate saying: "Yea whatever, I'm borderline 21, and not borderline in a relationship"

[side note: these two also know all of the choreographed dance moves to the HSM trilogy]

2) Getting to the bar and immediately taking tequila shots with 8 of my closest friends. All of us looking at eachother and immediately following up these shots with jager bombs.

1) Post Mardis Gras - going out to one of the nicer restaurants on Church Street, eating a delicious meal, and not remembering any of it.

Yep - Idefinitleylovermont. Can't wait to go back after the spring thaw.

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