Monday, March 16, 2009

[Insert Overused Irish Saying/Joke/Blessing Here]

Sunday was a great, great day. It was the St. Patty’s day parade in South Boston. I will take any excuse to day drink, and this was probably one of the best excuses you can have throughout the year.

Here are the highlights:

1) Being rather ambitious I thought I’d sign up for the road race. Even though it was a “mere” 5k, it was quite the struggle for me. And no, I couldn’t even use the excuse that I was hungover. The hills of Broadway did a number on my geriatric hips. I finished the race at what could probably not be classified as a run. It was more of a slow, slow trot. My time was slightly acceptable...but I got beat by 1 second by a 40-49 yr old named Bertrand. Seriously?

Needing a beer immediately, I ran home, just about a mile, from the race. Sadly enough this was probably the fastest I ran all day. I guess the thought of green jello and beers could only truly motivate me once I missed my 10:30 "start drinking" time.

2) The lone guy at our party at 11:00 a.m. counted 35 chicks. By 11:05 we had well above 40.

3) Stopping by my friend's house and meeting his mom and 18 yr old brother. His younger brother tried to pee off the deck and ended up peeing all over the deck, creating a huge puddle, right in front of her...

4) For some reason, one of our friends decided he wanted to continually pick me up the all day long. At a point in the day where we were a little wobbly and close to the bathroom doorway, he lifted me up and I must have leaned back because we kareened to the floor and I smashed my head on the edge of the shower. Thank G I wasn’t bleeding because a drunken trip to the hospital really wasn’t on the itin. for the day.

Problem: the symptoms of a concussion are quite similar to the actions of a drunk person. I still don’t know if I’m alright….

5) Trying to convince my fully bearded friend that I could shave his beard with a Venus razor.

He and his roommate walking 2 miles to get to the party.

6) Beers, Beers, Beers:
-Finishing the Keg by 1:30
-My sisters (Moose and Beef) getting 4 more 30’s
-Moose's boyfriend (previously featured in Awesome?) managing to waddle down the street solo, with 3 30’s (more backup beer, duh!) Thus proving he is, in fact, Awesome!
-Finishing all the bailey’s and all of the guinesses (plural: guinni?) that were in the house

- Finding about 60 beers "hidden" throughout the house" yesterday.

7) A man scaling a balcony, and hopping two fences to play flip cup with us.

8) My friend’s brother stating “Okay, my time here has passed. I’m OUT”. My other friend, completely disregarding the fact that he is quite attractive, getting right in his face and saying: “Seacrest. OUT”.

9) Accidentally spiking my phone off the wall after realizing someone had gone #2 in my bathroom. Realizing that if you have 2 bathrooms and yours is in the basement...everyone will follow suit. Goo.
10) Waking up at 10 p.m. thinking it was morning

I think not getting arrested, taken to the hospital, and getting myself to work on time was an incredible feat. I was even called a “champion” for doing so. Holler.
Popprincess OUT.

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