Sunday, March 8, 2009

f my life dot com...and other ways to procrastinate

I could probably fill a whole day of work with doing nothing.

This, in part, could be due to the fact that there is not any security over the websites I peruse while I'm at work. Seriously - zero, nada, zilch. So I guess the amount of time-wasting you can do at work directly correlates with what your work has blocked...

Regardless, here are some of the things I waste my time on conveniently found on the good old interweb:

Probably one of the best websites ever created. If you are feeling bad about yourself just go to and update yourself on "the FMLs" you will feel much better.

My favs so far:
Today, I was walking through Borders with my girlfriend, when we pass a girl scout cookies stand. I see a box of Samoas, my favorite, point at them, and shout, 'YEAH'. My girlfriend looks shocked. Behind the box of cookies was a five year old scout bending over, with her bottom pointed at me. FML

Today, I typed an essay on my friend’s computer, so she forwarded it to me in a email and she made the subject “here, bitch” as a joke. I then went to email the essay to my teacher. I forwarded it thinking nothing of it only to realize that I didn’t change the subject name. FML

Gtalk is not quite as covert as gchat within your email but I enjoy it. It's like AIM for the young professional.

I also have it on my blackberry...I am addicted.

My status messages are often immature:

1) Quotes from TV: "Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like this compulsive need to be liked. Like my need to be praised" - The Office

2) Quotes from movies: "Those your skis? Both of 'em?" - Dumb & Dumber

3) Links to other places my friends/coworkers can waste time at:

If you haven't yet joined the gchat world...get with it.

Website's tagline: Where dreams become heart attacks.

A McGangBang: a McChicken inside of aDouble Cheeseburger.

Music let's me download all the pop music I want. I'm sure it has some of whatever you like.
songs you hear on your fav. tv shows a lot can be found here

Most recent addition: Tay Swift CSI remix of you're not sorry

For Couch Potatoes

Full movies, full episodes of tv shows...I don't usually go here at work for fear of getting fired. Most recent guilty pleasure: episodes of Two and Half Men

Gossip (Obv)

Craiglist...missed connections(last but most certainly not least)

BSC Weymouth Sat, 430ish - m4m - 29 (Weymouth)
Can't believe I'm doing this, but figured it was worth a shot (long one). Saw you on Saturday at BSC in Weymouth, we were both in the sauna around 430ish for a while, seemed like there might be a mutual interest in meeting outside the gym. If so, and you see this give me a shout and tell me something so I know it's you. Normal, masculine, discreet guy here.

No you are not normal if you are posting on here...but you gave me a good laugh :)

UNOs Woburn last night - m4w - 24 (Woburn)
To the girl at UNOs last night taking pictures of her drink with her friend, thought you were cute, you were talking about my frined about people he knew from waltham and middlesex. I doubt you read these. But if you by chance do maybe we could meet up sometime.

Okay, you were clearly eavsdropping...why didn't you just say hi? Oh because you were borderline stalking...

Manomet Dunkin Donuts - m4w - 37 (Plymouth)
You see a thousand people a day, I'm sure. But we share a smile each time you hand me a sausage, egg & cheese on an everything. I look forward to it each morning.

Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, if you are 37 you should not be eating a sausage egg and cheese on a At least maybe go for a flatbread once in awhile if you're eating DD that much, then maybe you're missed connection will fall in love...

So if you're bored at work and you've already read my blog cover to cover...just cruise to one of the above sites for an hour or two of entertainment...

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