Thursday, March 26, 2009

"If you judge people you have no time to love them" - Mother Teresa

In the past few months you've been introduced to quite a few of my friends, the "characters" of my blog if you will. So I figured enough about me and my rants and my pining for Zac Efron (who fyi dropped out of the Footloose Here's a little insight into why these are my friends...

Nugget: Got her nickname by assuming Denver Nuggets were named after Chicken McNuggets. Actually believes cemeteries will one day take over the world.

Frequently ponders what she is actually "good at". On the first day of class, when stating a fun fact said: "My name is Nugget...I like to write". Her sheer entertainment value is for sure what she's good at. She also does a mean dance to Pop goes my heart too.

Catchphrases: Icky, Yucky, Yummy (her adjectives are usually comparable to a kid 10 and under..and yes she was a journalism major)

Moose: Best known for headbutting in public places. Still keepin' it r-izz-eal at halfway to 50. Is a pretty big has been...tends to keep company with other has beens. These has beens have equally feminine nicknames: Shark, Big J, Finn. Tries to solve the world's problems one bud light at a time, people helping people right? Was honestly miffed that her "roommate" had an entire blog dedicated to him (see Awesome?)

Hobbies: counting on her abacus, perusing celebrity gossip sites, bringing contraband beers into bars and facebook stalking. Also enforces facebook etiquette and tries to protect other people's images.

Moose-like behaviors: Excellent Swimmer, poor eyesight, great sense of smell, and eats 500 lbs of vegetation a day.

Catchphrases: Woof, he/she is a hater, wild, I'm gonna spike this off my forehead ex) "I'm going spike this bud light off my forehead".

Beef: Has an alter ego named Becky who is a kleptomaniac. Has been known to steal cheez-its, puffy vests, neon coats and natty lights,now you're talking!

Catchphrases: Saying "Fact" or "False", okay I guess she's a bit like Dwight Shrute

Musical History: Was a talented young musician. She played several instruments including the recorder, viola, piano and trombone. Was even named President of the Band in both 7th and 8th grade. She will not, however, under any circumstances sing in public...not even in the car with just me and her boyfriend.

Hobbies: Hating Nay-Sayers. Being generally correct. Studying to improve her general correctness. Drinking water in bars, to bring herself back to life.

Biz & Vicky: A dynamic duo from my hometown. Part of Moose's high school posse...also keepin' it r-izz-eal at 25 and 26 respectively. Single and Mingling (my kinda people). Always down for a keg party with the post-college crowd.

Automobiles: Biz rocks out in her Jeep Cherokee proudly displaying her pink Delta Gamma sticker on the back. Vicky on the other hand bombs around in a '94 Mercury Marquis. You could probably spot her on the side of the road, on a cold winter morning, with her treads, attempting to get out of the driveway.

Catchphrases: For Vicki pictures are photos, only because that's what facebook calls them.

Previously featured in: Awesome?, Kicking off '09 Right, Hangovahs, and Be All You Can Be

Neighb: creatively given this nickname, because she lived nearby. Loves all things pink and green, and anything with a tennis racquet's on it.

Hobbies: Being paparazzi. Getting jealous when others try to steal her role as paparazzi. Spewing off unknown facts about redheads "Did you know redheads make up only 2% of the population?" (she's a ginger). Hating on HSM.

Catchphrases: Toads Obvi.

Sticky: Previously featured in Awesome?. Super proud of his svelte figure. Can often be found in a wet suit or running topless.

Enjoys: Working on his bod, drinking muscle milk, listening to emo music and at the same time trying to establish his street cred in Southie.

Quotables: Sometimes you just gotta smack a hoe.

Second Lieutenant Blackout: Being all he can the Army.

Enjoys: Playing Rockband alone, communicating with his friends solely via Xbox Live, and eating twisted teas at the beach. Also enjoys: Golfing, being in a family of shoe salesmen and being generally jovial (also is clearly patient, see description of gf Beef above)

Quotables: After eating teas at the beach "You know what the best thing about this towel is? When you roll over, you're still on it". Was asked out a Blimpie last week after he bonded with a chick over sun chips flavors. When Beef blacked out and barked him for it...he responded with "I never should have told you the Blimpie Story"

Shark: Can often be found, in a bar, at the caboose of a party trolley, or at the beach double fisting buuud lights or throwing back back a twisted tea or 6. Almost always found flashing double peace signs at the camera.

Enjoys: Being sarcastic, blogging, downloading hot beats, entertaining me with her stories/one liners... Ex) "last night i went into the coat room of a bar to hang up my jacket. my head hit the ceiling. fml.".

Catch-phrases: Goo, You're/he/she's a wang

Diva/LeGs: Laughs at inappropriate times such as when someone is upset or dead. Previouslyy alluded to in Are you a Swimfan? . Addicted to the book fo sho and always good for a comment or 12 if you ever post an album. Often breaks out into song with any of Whitney Houston's 80's hits.

Enjoys: Wearing her bedazzled bikini, making prank phone calls, eating all things fiber, Crabby Patties, and Haribo Gummy Bears. Makes bad decisions that make for good stories (such as calling me from the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge at 8 a.m. on a Sunday and whispering for me to "stop asking so many questions" ).
Catch phrases: Bitchin', Accidentally calling her "cankles", "keggles" in front of our trainer, what a great great day, and loves it.

So I guess these are the characters of my blog thus far. Not mentioned? Perhaps...when you go out on the town, or are just living your everday life you should what I'm doing right now blog worthy? If it's not spice it up, step it up a notch, and get yourself noticed!

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