Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Groundhogs, Flabongos, and Wieners...OH MY!

Congratulations!! If you're a from the Northeast like me, congrats, we made it! We survived the ridiculousness that is a New England winter. I probably can’t count the number of times the local weatherman said “don’t go putting your winter coat and shovel away just yet…”.

Shut up a-hole I thought that GD groundhog didn’t see his shadow. But it’s here, it’s finally here. Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly!

No, I’m not talking about wedding season...I’m talking about SPRING!!

The spring brings a slew of wonderful things that (regardless of my disdain for horses) I’m chomping at the bit for….

1. Break out that Flabongo:

Flabongo: A beer bong made out of a a flamingo lawn ornament. It may also occasionally be used to bong wine or mixed drinks. (courtesy of urban

2) Wieners:

That’s right I said it. Wieners. Fenway Franks are near and dear to my heart, seriously. But a wiener made on my own back porch does the trick as well (that’s right ketchup only).

3) Day light savings: 4 p.m. rolls around at the office. It’s still light out! No need to jump from the top of the building

4) Beautiful Day Rule: I’ve had this rule since I was a little kid. If it was nice out, you had to get your little behind away from the tv, and you had to go out and play. Who's to say the rule can't take on a brand new meaning as you age? A beautiful day + a 30 rack of Busch light(bud heavy, twisted teas, pick your poison)= recipe for debauchery. Such debauchery could include but is not limited to:

-Dizzy Bat
-Wieners (again)
-Stump (hammer, nails, a tree stump, and beer – (believe or not I have played this – and no one died)
-Shirtless dudes
-Bikini clad chicks
-Slip 'n slide
- folding chairs
-blow up pools
etc, etc.

5) Is that love in the air? theory on spring fever is two fold:

A) The weather is nice, the girls and guys alike are wearing fewer and fewer clothes by the day. Everyone is in a generally jovial mood. Spring Fevahhh. Perhaps you’ll meet your future mate by just observing the beautiful day rule, who knows?

B) Commercial holidays are far out of site. Valentine’s Day has come and passed it's truly okay to be single and mingling. If you have a new girl or guy in your life, there isn't that horrid pressure to drag them to meet your great great grandmother and your crazy Uncle Bill while everyone's getting sloshed and being ungrateful for their gifts on Christmas Day. Seriously, this time of year takes the pressure off all of us single folk, we can just relaxxxxx.

6) Flip flops

7) Free cone day @ Ben & Jerry’s
April 21st, 2009 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Newbury Street, Boylston Street, in Cambridge, and Charlestown (assuming you are all local folk) I'm sure you can go find one!
p.s. that's about 50, 3-4 minute hugs ;). but it only comes once a year.

8) Rocking out to Spring Beats...
Basically exhibiting BAMF-like behavior, shades on, windows down, tunes bumpin'.

Music<span class=<span class=

So with the spring comes with the promise of summer, and we all know we can't wait until that first steaming hot day. We'll bolt out of bed, grab a cooler full of teas enjoy those few short months a la playa.

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