Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've dubbed this week Zac Efron Appreciation Week...

Okay I've dubbed this week Zac Efron Appreciation Week. Get real, you've obv been waiting for a post on him. Saturday night, after a few drinks we turned on SNL (for me of course). I proceeded to state aloud in a room full of 25-26 year olds:
"No but seriously, in HSM 3 Zac does take his shirt off, but you only get to see his back. You're going to get to see his front in 17 Again...I'm so excited"

Like the e-trade baby said "it's not the venue". But c'mon you shouldn't be surprised by that. Regardless, I feel as if yes, I do need to defend his "honor" after his dismal performance on SNL. Yes, his monologue was awkward, and yes, I agree the skit about "High School Musical 4" wasn't anything to write home about. But it wasn't nearly as embarrassing as the A-Simps lip-syncing debacle (and we all know I still l-o, l-o, l-o, l-o-v-e her).

But...the skit about Kathy Lee was decently humorous...he so did not deserve heat from her (competely curler clad and in a velour sweatsuit) while just trying to promote his new flick.

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That b*tch is crazayyyy. No, your son is not at all cuter (though in that airbrushed photo you may think that's the case)And leave Zac's hair alone you crazy old bag. You're just jealous that Kelly Ripa is the t*ts and your career has gone down the tube.

So Zac is trying shed his teeny-bopper image. He's dropped out of footloose, he's doing sexy photo shoots. He risks losing his tween following (and in the process perhaps will make my obsession socially acceptable). Nonetheless, I'm going to take this week to pay homage to the old Zac. I'll watch the HSM Trilogy, maybe Hairspray and listen to the soundtracks on repeat. Maybe I'll even jog to the sound of his voice...

And this wild Friday night you will most likely find me at the local AMC theatre with a bag of swedish fish, a fountain soda, and a movie popcorn pining over Zac. My only task is finding someone who will actually go with me...

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