Monday, July 13, 2009


The Back Story

I have been taking the Mass Pike to work for the past 9.5 months. With some back road maneuvering I manage to hit only 3 tolls a day.

That's 3 tolls a day about 5 days/week =15 tolls/week (I passed 3rd grade math). But clearly, I didn't pass whatever subject is that involves reasoning e.g. saving time and money, and thinking about the general convenience of your lifestyle.

So let's break it down, that's about 60 tolls a month and roughly 550 tolls in the past 9.5 months. Often times, obviously, I was scrounging in my purse for that last lonely dollar or even a penny or 5 at the last second.

I'm sure you're thinking, "well she's an idiot, but I guess it's not that bad".

The Kicker

In December, I totaled by baby, a 1996 Toyota Corolla ( Corolla Warrior King).

No, no big car accident. I smashed into the do not enter sign while attempting to jump the curb and parrallel park one horrifying, snowy, Sunday afternoon. Once it warmed up the next day, the bumper fell right off the car...


The good old Corolla was history and soon after we found the gem that is my 2001 Chevy Cavalier. Appropriately nicknamed "Porsche-A", for her sleek look.

One large problem was the 'interior design' if you will of the Porchse-A.

Most pointedly the MANUAL windows.

Yes I let this charade go on for about 7 months. Through one of the snowiest winters and rainiest "summers".

Self Intervention I

I attempted an intervention back in April, and ordered a transponder online. Apparently it A) Never went through and B) I never followed up on it...

Self Intervention II

I don't know exactly what inspired it. I really don't know. But last Friday I stopped the madness. I drove my ass to East Boston and got myself a transponder. I will never again have to roll that window down to pay a toll. I know the toll takers will miss my cheery demeanor as I slowly roll down my window and give them I smile as I'm rocking out to Sean Kingston (or Brit, or the Jo Bros).

Tomorrow...Intervention Numero III. The oil change that was due 1,000 miles ago and the falling off muffler/broken muffler belt the man pointed out at the gas station this morning. "Come back tomororow, I fix".


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