Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's right a Snuggie for Moms...

I discovered this many months ago and neglected to blog about it. This is the "Snuggie for Moms"...aka the Peekaru.

"The first time we wore it, 5 separate people stopped me to ask what it was and where I got it and many others smiled and made comments about how cozy it looked. It's a big hit. Thanks for making it!"- Julie, NY

First off, 5 Separate people came and talked to you because point and gawking would simply be rude.

Secondly, they obviously wanted to ask you what it was so they could tell their friends they saw a crazy lady with an alien popping out of her shirt.

This just ain't riiight.

Furthermore, this so called snuggie for mom's is $80...it doesn't actually come with a baby carrier...just "fits comfortably over them..."

God forbid these mother's actually hold her children...how lazy can ya get!

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