Friday, July 10, 2009

Ya, I'm sunburned, what of it?

It's summertimeee...finally, well sort of...

In the summer, generally, people get tan. Back in college, I was once interviewed for the Campus Speaks section of my college newspaper. I was asked: "What is your favorite outdoor activity". I responded "Sunbathing, because everyone looks good with a tan".

A) Was that seriously my response? I guess it was back in '06

B) That is not a true statement about myself by any means

During the winter months, my skin is what I would describe as see through. I am casper. I'm white. I'm oh-so-Irish. It takes several months to get myself just the right array of freckles that slightly resemble a tan. But try as I might week in and week out, all summer long.

I know many others have the same objective. To get a sweet tan. Lucky for them, when they return fromt he beach they are perfectly sun-kissed. When they head out on the town, or come back into the office after a lovely tropical vacation they often get the following responses:

"Wow, you look great"!

"You look super tan!"
"You have such a healthy glow".

The responses I get are more along the lines of:

While at the beach: "You should probably put a t-shirt on"

and after:

"Ouch! That looks like it hurts!!"

"You should get some aloe on that!"
"You should be using a higher SPF with such fair skin!"

"I like your tan lines".

No matter how hard I try I still seem to come out of every weekend with those lovely freckles, a blistering sunburn and some killer tan lines...DBJ

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