Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Merrimack Valley & Hooked on Phonics

My good friend Fox hails from a place called Haverhill ("helltown"), Massachusetts. Fox is proud to be from Helltown, former dwelling place of Tom Bergeron, Rob Zombie and was even featured on Chronicle just last week!

Haverhill is so far North, we tell Fox she's from New Hampshire (get over it, you are).  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting a "hillie" up close and personal, I'll have you know that they are quite the treat.  Most of them that were born and raised seem to maintain this distinct Merrimack Valley accent.

It very much resembles any other Boston accent, with just a bit more attitude.  If not putting forth a tremendous amount of effort she pahks her cah, tells me i'm retahded and hangs out in the pahlah with her mutha.

On top of this accent, Fox is a terrible speller.  I'm not trying to knock her intelligence, my girl's wicked smaht, she graduated cum laude (while I on the other hand graduated cum friends).

Here's a taste of this weakness of hers per some gchat convos:

Fox: i legit thought you were in a hostidge situation

Fox::im goin rouge 
Me: rogue you mean? rouge means red in french 
Fox: umm yeah not red, sarah palin style 
Me: wow you can't spell 
Fox: its so bad

Today, she shares this lovely gem with me....

Until around age 12 she legitimately thought her good friend's name was Robbit.

Robbit Fox, really? 

Hunny, tell Robbit it's time fa dinnah.

If you don't share with Robbit, I'm not lettin' you in the cah.

I think Robbit can stay, let me ask his mutha.  

Fox, I hope Robert's mother let him stay for dinner and you got to go in the car too.  


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