Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today is a fabulous day. I’m heading up to good old VT to the alma mater for the weekend. So you’re thinking “Oh, Vermont in February…ski weekend right?”.


To be perfectly frank, I along with many other alums, are heading up to Vermont, solely for the purpose of blacking out. Are we immature? Maybe. Do we care? Absolutely not. It’s Mardis Gras in Burlington, we’re here to party.

No, obviously we’re not showing our boobies in below zero tempuratures (okay Saturday’s got a high of 22, maybe one boob? But not in front of the kids!) Regardless, bead and beers will be flying and flowing and I will jump at any excuse to day-time drink. Someone even dared to say “So this is like…Alumni Weekend Round Two…”

Well spank my ass and call me Sally, I’m heading up to cow country!

So what if they only have one area code for the entire state?

So what if I went to the whitest school in the whitest state in the U.S. of A.

So what if the “beach” is actually a fresh-water lake? (to be honest I’m not so sure about the “fresh” part either…)

So what if Vermont likes to spoon with NH?

So what if it’s the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the country, or half of New England’s Milk is produced there…?

So what if VT has the smallest state Capitol in the US?

So what if the average January temperature is between 18 degrees?

So what if because of these cold winters it becomes socially acceptable to drink 10 beers to get your “beer coat” on before exiting your dorm?

So what if burlington is crawling with hippy bands with dreadlocks dying to be come the next coming of Phish?

So what if the hottest tourist attraction is the Ben and Jerry’s Factory…where you grab a free sample and then buy tye dye tshirt with a huge cow on it for $29.99?

So what if you should be more worried about tripping over your birkenstock than getting mugged/shot/or robbed?

Okay , I digress…wasn’t I talking about Mardis Gras? Got on a little rant there…

Honestly. I love the Green Mountain State. It’s the perfect excuse for over indulgence in general. Regardless of the silly reasons/stereotypes to write Vermont off as a place you would want to spend ANY time at all in, it’s where I met some of my very bestest pals [insert emotional sound effect here]. So in just a few hours I’ll head up to Burlington for another memorable weekend (and by memorable I mean my friends and I will slowly piece it back together). Think what you want but ilovermont.

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Anonymous said...

so can we have an update on your frigid temperature mardi gras shenanigans please?