Monday, September 21, 2009

Fox 1, Popprincess 0

Over the weekend I went up to good ole VT for Alumni Weekend. There was lots of boozing and shenanigans, but one interaction with my good friend fox stands out among the rest.

On the ride up Fox dubbed herself our "stimulus friend". Confused? Well, she's the friend that won't get married or have any kids in order to save her good friends so ca$h (uhh hello adult plans can get expensive)

I think she started getting a little depressed about what her future holds, so in all seriousness she asked me:

Popprincess, if we're 45 and not married, will you be my life partner?

I stare at her, sort of stunned/glaring

Fox: We can get cats.

I respond: Fox, by the time I'm 45 I'm going to be on my 3rd husband.

Without missing a beat Fox says,

"Popprincess, when you're at a bar talking to a guy, are you thinking 'Wow, my kids could really spend every other weekend and holiday with this guy'? "

Now I was really stunned, and everyone, including me erupted in laughter. Clearly both of us were kidding (I hope) but I was laughing to hard to even pretend to be mad.

Therefore, Fox 1, Popprincess 0

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