Monday, September 14, 2009

Yes I'll be the 9 Millionth Person to Agree...Eff Kanye...

So downing an entire bottle of Hennessy with your bald girlfriend and then jumping on the stage to interrupt Taylor Swift while she was accepting her 'Best Female Video' award is not exactly the way to prove to people you're a stand up guy.

But I don't think Kanye really cares.

I think last night he proved he's probably one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood. I mean yes, feelings were hurt when Jamie Foxx told Miley to "Get like Britney and Do Some Heroin"(Story here). But it wasn't right to her face when she was getting an award...what's the deal with picking on these poor little pop stars?

She's totally shocked that she won!!

She gets rudely interrupted

Beyonce is clearly horrified

And Taylor is just stunned and perhaps heartbroken.

It seems that even though Kanye didn't really rise to fame as a rapper until around 2004 (with College Dropout), He's been throwing hissy fits consistently for the past almost 6 years.

I'm just glad people are finally saying enough is enough (even if it's via twitter/the interweb)

Pink: Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.


Beyonce won video of the year, so maybe Kanye jumped the gun with his "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!" Rant. If he shut his trap and enjoyed the show he would have seen she got the biggest award of the night - DUH. Beyonce was gracious enought to let taylor have another go of it:

editor's note: # of awards Kanye won - 0

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