Friday, September 18, 2009


So last night I had a dream I was hanging out with John Mayer.


I have never really had a crush on him or anything, I enjoy his music, but I mean in my eyes I'm still a Zac Efron Girl (yes even at age 23). I would file this in the popprincess' random celebrity dreams category but this dream was deeper.*

*Note: popprincess' random celebrity dreams consist of almost making out with a gloved 80's Michael Jackson at a house party, almost making out with Ben Affleck on my own couch(back when he was dating J.Lo and I actually said 'don't worry about her, you have me!') among others, but those are for another day.

So about my dream....I would say "Step into my World" but last time I started a story with that, my 1 person 'audience' looked at me wide eyed and said "NO WAY!" my response was "Hey, it's my world, you're just livin' in it"....

I was hanging out in some sort of dive bar in NYC with John Mayer. I think I was on some sort of girls weekend. Somehow we got to talking, I wasn't star struck per se, I was mainly concerned with him not finding me interesting.

He asked 'What do you do?'. Hmm that's a tough one, I think my response was something like I'm some sort of coordinator at some sort of IT company. I don't think I got into the fact that I dabble in several leagues of organized sports for has-been adults (soccer, softball, lacrosse and kickball to name a few) and that I coach youth lacrosse. Probably for fear that he would immediately think I was a lesbian.

John's response was "You don't seem like that's what you really want to do". Well, DUH John...

I'm pretty sure I looked like a sad puppy at that point. And I said something like 'I can't just drop everything and 'explore to find out who I am'...I've got bills and loans to pay kiddo...I'm just enjoying one little weekend away then back to the 'real world' I go" (Okay maybe I didn't call John Maybe kiddo even in my dream).

That's about as far as it went. I woke up feeling a bit unfulfilled.

Upon telling Moose this dream she said "Wow, that's deep".
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Maybe I heard No Such Thing on the radio(again, seriously) this AM and decided I didn't want to take my life and "plot it out in black and white" because I think the best of me is "still hiding up my sleeve" and I don't want to "stay inside the lines". Yes, I understand I'm a walking cliche that's completely affected by pop culture...but moving on.

Maybe I'm NOT that deep..I've broken down the components of my dream as follows:

1. Location: I'm assuming that I was in New York because I've recently become OBSESSED with Jay-Z and Alicia keys new single Empire State of Mind, even though I hate NY.

2) I make it clear every day when I come home, I don't love my job, but does anyone?

I can't wait to walk in one day to say I'm quitting. My parting words will be "Yeah, I know you'll miss me, but my blog is really taking off"

3)John Mayer: The other day, I scrolled through John Mayer's Twitter page to check out his shout out to Taylor Swift after the whole Kanye incident I stumbled upon others like this:

I don't care what you say, if they have sparklers in this "lounge" you took me to, we're in a club.

"one thing about me, I'm really all about my family." Really? Because I like to choke everyone out at Thanksgiving. You. Are. A. Gem.

Rule of law: if you tell me within two minutes of meeting me that you are "real," you are in fact
not. But neat dress.

Case in point. My dream was just me reliving the events documented on John Mayer's twitter page. So maybe I'm not deep but John Mayer just made me spend the last 2 hours of my morning reevaluating my life.

So @johncmayer WTF?

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