Friday, October 2, 2009

And I'm like, why you so obessed with me ?

So, last night at kickball a girl on my team said (without knowing how celebrity obsessed I am)

"What celebrity do people tell you you look like?"

I kinda just stared at her for awhile. And then she continued,

"No it's just when you smile and talk you look like a celebrity, she's in like romantic comedies, I can't put my finger on it".

At first, I thought maybe she's hitting on me (who could blame her). But then I thought, I NEED to figure this out.

I mentioned that once a drunk man at The Place and my freshman year neighbor's skeevy boyfriend told me I look like Reese Witherspoon, but that wasn't what this chick was thinking.

When I got to work this morning I immediately g-chatted Fox:

Me: i have a dilemma
Fox: i have a solution

I proceeded to explain the above mentioned story

Fox: there's a thing online, you can upload your face and it will tell you

Fox:i got kate hudson
Me: ha ha
Fox: and the best one of all, my brosef - beyonce

Me: ew I got Katie Holmes!

I then went on to try a few more(10ish?) additional photos and received the following celebs:

Tiffany Theissen (2x) ,
Kate Winslett(2x),
Alicia Silverstone (2x),
Katie Couric,
Charlize Theron,
Naomi Watts,
and Missy Pale

If you're wondering who Missy Pyle is - she was part of the Cobra's in Dodgeball.

Regardless - problem NOT solved. Barely any of the above chicks are in Rom Coms. So yes Tiff Theissen is hot, but WHO do I look like?

I decided to give up on that quest - and instead, upload pictures of my friends and family to see who they might be:

Moose & Sticky :
Maria Menudos & Matt Damon
OR Prince Harry of Wales & Krista Allen

Beef & Second Lieutenant Blackout:

Angie Harmon & Nicolas Cage

Upon trying other friends I found that I am friends with,
A Kate Bosworth look-a-like, Elton John, Oprah, Christy Brinkley, Jordana Brewster, LiLo.

And more. Check it out fo yo'self, fo sho.

And if you can figure out what BEAUTIFUL celeb I am from romantic comedies (allegedly that I look & sound like), e-mail your thoughts to


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