Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a Nostalgic Mashup

So I'm an avid fan of the "mash-up".  If you've ever heard of Girl Talk  I know it's likely you probably appreciate the mashup too. 

*Shout out to Shark cuz I know she hearts a good mashup as much I do.

But if you're a 2008 college graduate it's likely all of the songs from that year bring you right back to that good 'ole college campus of yours. 

You might hate Chris Brown, but you love Forever. You definitley belted out Love Song & Bleeding Love (whether you're a dude or not).  And Love in this Club and Sexy Can I? were songs you most certainly bopped your head to even if you didn't know it.

So 'DJ Earworm' summed up by Senior Year of College in a nutshell (because what do I listen to other than top 40?). 


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