Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Year Without Cheese - Week 1

I successfully made it through my first week without cheese.  Only a mere 2 days into my month without cheese, I walked into Moose's kitchen and brought a box of Cheez-its back to the couch.  Moose just looked at me and said "Dude you can't eat those".  Needless to say, it's been a long week.

The work week was fine, filled with cheeseless sandwiches, etcetera.  I successfully avoided going out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with some co-workers.  Imagine a Burrito without cheese [seriously, imagine it].

That ain't right.

The weekend, well that was a whole different ball game.  We went out for lunch for Beej aka Bonalyn's birthday and of course my ever-so-kind sisters ordered nachos.  The waiter came up to the table and cleared plates and glasses only to place the most ginormous plate of nachos I'd ever seen directly in front of me.  I'll tell ya, hot cheese never looked so good.

 "No sir these are for the bitches at the other end of the table", I wanted to say. 

I slide the plate down to Moose and Beef and wallowed with my loaf of bread and butter.  The rest of the outing consisted of several hours of drinking during the daylight, and by nightfall, after a 2 block limo ride to our 4th bar, the crowd was ready to refuel.  I bopped over to see what they'd ordered, and to my dismay, I saw Beef pulling a chip with cheesy goodness from yet another pile of the January-forbidden nachos. 

I resisted,  and instead grabbed what was probably bud light number 9 11.

To make matters worse, today my roommates decided to munch on some cheese fries from the comfort of the couch directly across from me.  Really?   "Hey, I didn't give up Cheese." said Vickie. 

So, I ask what is rarely uttered from a single girls lips, Where are you February???

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