Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Year Without Cheese

The year without CHEESE? What are you THINKING? Ahem, Say Whaaaat???

You're right I think it's physically and mentally impossible for a woman to go an entire 365 days without cheese.

The Year Without Cheese is more of a mantra than a full calendar year without a food most people can't live without.

During The Year Without Cheese I will have a different task each month, whether it be giving something up or trying something new. 

Can you guess what the year without cheese starts out with? Nothing? That's right the month of January will be the month without cheese (read: the hardest month of my entire life). 

Over the weekend I was discussing my plan for the month with TACO:

Popprincess: I mean, it's going to be so hard, no pizza, mozarella sticks, Nachos??
TACO:  Wow, I really like your hierarchy of cheese.

Me too TACO, me too.  Unfortunately I did have some cheese on New Year's day (I just wasn't ready) so I will not be able to have Cheese until February 2nd. EFF. 

Whoever wants to join me at the local bar on 2/2 I will be ordering every single item on the menu that has cheese in it. 

Obvi I'll be blogging about how this whole shabang goes...

Here are the ideas I have for the coming months:

Ordering take-out, going to new bars/restaurants (aka not allowed to go to the beer garden for a whole month), no texting/bbm-ing, no internet & facebook (except internet for work), read a book a week, no chocolate or sweets, no complaining (okay that one might actually be impossible, but maybe I could try it for a week). 

Maybe it's a death sentence, maybe I'll fail, but it's better than giving up ONE thing for an entire year, getting to March giving up and saying "Welp guess I'll wait til 2011".  HELLO the world will end in 2012, if I'm giving things up/trying new things i've got to do it now. 

So wish me luck, Godspeed, etcetera etcetera cuz this year's gonna be a doozy!


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