Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is a Day of Mourning

I have a lady-crush on Rihanna. It started back in 2005 when S.O.S came out. Anything the girl touches turns to gold, and she's hot to boot...Chris Brown, a bona fide hottie in his own right, has dropped several tracks that have each immediately become my personal anthem...most notably and recently Forever.

If I anyone was watching the Grammy's last night - they knew something in the world of pop had gone awry. Pop's prince and princess (no not me!), Chris Brown and Rihanna, neither performed nor were in attendance. This morning - on my ride to work, I heard the horrifying, heart-wrenching news that Chris Brown was arrested and allegedly hit Rihanna.

I can't explain my immediate reaction other than trying not to swerve off of the highway. "Is this really happening???" I thought.

I got to work, booted up my computer, signed into gchat and immediately sent my sister a message:

Moose is online.
popprincess301: i'm upset
Moose: about rihanna?

popprincess301: chris brown hit rihanna
Moose: i know

Clearly, she knew exactly where my head was at. I mean, I don't honestly think I have felt this sad since Brad and Jen broke up, or Jessica and Nick or even when Aaliyah and and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez died. It's strange that I don't know these people yet they still manage to effect my daily life (being that it is 10:42 a.m. and I haven't been able to get a single thing done besides get a cup of coffee in my hand).

As I relayed my reaction to Nugget she had similar feelings:

Nugget is online.
popprincess301: i'm a little upset about the chris brown rihanna thing
(note: 'a little upset' is cleary an not an accurate description)
Nugget:omg i know
popprincess301: seriously
Nugget: i reaaaaaaally hope he didnt hit her and it was just a random even tho thats not good iether
but its so much worse if it was her
Nugget: i dont want it to be true! i love them but then again chris can always come cry on my shoulder and sing forever to me for the rest of our lives when no one likes him anymore...but only if he doesnt punch me in the face

My friend fox had similar thoughts as well

Fox: i never liked him. he sings gay songs and tries to be a baller. smacks riri my fav person on the planet.

This is why today is a day of mourning. I am currently sitting at my desk listening to take a bow on repeat and being sad:

Take A Bow Video

God help me if Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron break up anytime in the near future...

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